I am Mediocre & I am proud of Myself!


Hello Friends! Today again I’ve got an interesting topic for us to discuss ‘I am Mediocre & I am proud of Myself!’. In case you missed the last discussion on Why Did You Leave Me?, have a look at it!

Are you ‘Mediocre’? Do you think you are an ordinary person who took birth just to pay bills or to work for 12 hours a day? Mediocre – An average person who is supposed to do his work on time, who has lost so-called ‘Life’ in his/her daily struggle to survive. Wait.. Survive? What for?? To tell your grandchildren how responsible you were during your working age!!

I’m  Mediocre & I accept it. What makes Me different from rest 7.4 Billion people is the way I decided to live. Yes, You read right! I don’t have Dreams; I have ‘Life Goals’. Goals which make Me feel alive, which make Me believe in Me, which motivate Me everyday. Out of 24 hours, I give 8 hours for Sleep, 10 for Work/Study/Travel, 1 for Family, 1 for Friends, and rest 4 hours are for Me. Whole day I have to be polite, gentle, courteous, well-mannered but in these 4 hours I meet the ‘Real Me’. This is the face I never show to world but yes, it exists! For some time, I don’t have to pretend how Good I am. I can do whatever I feel & no one can question Me about it! ( Everyone has their own idea of relieving! 🙂 )

I am Mediocre because I live a simple life, because I don’t plan for ‘Luxurious Life’; I plan for ‘Peaceful Life’. I don’t want to spend Life adding zeros (rightwards) to my Bank balance; I want to spend Life increasing value of ‘My Existence’. Yet, My Life is ideal one. How? It is because I reserve some time for Myself. Within that time, I think on My Life (I said ‘Think’ not ‘Overthink’! 😉 ), check whether I am on right path or not, look for Motivation and plan accordingly for My Goals. I cannot plan My Life but I can have as many plans I wish! I spend some time with My hobbies too. It’s necessary to give time to hobbies too because Hobbies make sure that you are simply not a ‘Skeleton’; you have ‘Life’ too!

I am sure there will be many people who are termed as ‘Mediocre’ and have no idea about their ‘Superpowers’! Next time onwards, if someone calls you ‘Mediocre’, be proud of yourself!

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‘I am Mediocre & I am proud of Myself!’

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No Commitments, No Drama, No Shit!

This Is Who I Am! (www.writosophy.com)

The Quote Says,

“I have stopped
giving explanations.
Neither do I expect
anything from people;
Nor do I let them
know my injuries & glories.
Everyone is free to
stay in or leave my life.
Yes, there’s a reason behind
no one will ever understand..
No Commitments, No Drama, No Shit!


Explaining yourself is a waste of time! Let people make their opinion about you; you don’t need to fight back with words. Prove them false with your actions. Be what you are! No one has the right to judge you. Expect nothing from people and continue to work for your goals. And let me remind you of something, you are ‘Special’!

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Why Did You Leave Me?


Hello Writosophers!

Hope you all are doing well. Last time we had discussion over topic A Letter From A Known Stranger…! In case you missed it, have a look! Our today’s topic ‘Why Did You Leave Me?’ is the most common scenario which takes place in our Life. Everyone among us has faced this ‘Storm’ and somehow with the help of our Friend ‘Time’ we have managed to survive.

Life itself is a ‘Tragedy’! We meet many people, few become our ‘Loved Ones’. We spend the most beautiful moments with them and it feels like We are in Heaven! Seriously, We spend some time in bliss and then again, Life happens! Misunderstandings are the root of Breakups. Once your relation encounters with misunderstandings, gradually everything starts changing. The so-called ‘Heaven’ turns into ‘Hell’! After a few arguments, fights, complaints, Life opens the ‘Exit’!

They had done and they left us. So what should I do now? It’s easy, simply wave them a ‘Goodbye’! You have to Move On and unfortunately there’s no shortcut for it. I agree it’s the hardest phase of Life, but it’s worth. Throughout our Life, Many people leave us, We leave many; but nothing changes! How can you expect having ‘Permanent People’ in your ‘Temporary Life’? People will enter your Life and at some point, they will leave you. You have to get habitual to this cycle and continue leading your  Life. Don’t waste your time explaining yourself, no one really cares! (Personally, I never explain Myself! 😉 )

Yes you must try to save your relations. But you should not lose your Self Respect. If your partner or friend has no intentions to stay in your Life, you have no right to stop them. Spending some time alone and finding out what you really need is the best remedy for every problem. Also admit the fact that it’s completely alright to lose people,because  this is how we grow up! Take this experience as blessings and move on. Stay blessed and spread the Smile! 🙂

Dear Writosophers, Don’t forget to comment your view regarding our today’s topic

‘Why Did You Leave Me?’

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Seasons Kept Changing But Spring Never Arrived!

Spring Never Arrived.. (www.writosophy.com)

The Quote says,

“Once upon a time,

I was a happy tree!

Luckily I had countless

Beloved Leaves..

And then arrived the

‘Autumn’ I guess!

One by one, Every Leaf

left &  None stayed..

Although Seasons seem

to be changing,

Never arrived the

‘Spring’ since then!”


There comes a time in our Life when one by one everyone leaves us. We feel lonely and nothing seems to be working. We become nostalgic and for sometime Life seems to be hard. But soon Time plays it’s role and our Life is filled again with Sunshine! Life can be Hard but never Worthless!

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Story Of Evil Past


Alone I was walking in the crowd,
Nothing I had to smile & feel proud;
The poor girl kept searching for bliss,
Alas! Every time she encountered with worries.

I wish if I had someone to share pain of my part,
Kept crying the restless pitiful heart;
Every day seemed to be another lazy death,
Evil past it was, how can I forget?

And suddenly one day Life happened,
Something called ‘Hope’ awakened;
‘Coward Me’ managed somehow to rise again,
Never did I lower my eyes since then.

Finally I fought & escaped the dark cage,
Somewhere I was meant to meet ‘Life’ on a random page;
Far away I came from those screams & tears,
To live peacefully with fierce not with fears!

Nor the endless struggle will stop to impair,
Neither will I ever stop to endeavor;
Because the goal is to be someone’s part,
Earlier for what begged my doomed heart!

(By Shraddha Gore)

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When You Realize What Is Real Earning!

Because Finally He Learnt To EARN (www.writosophy.com)

The Quote says,

“Mom, I have won 50,000 in Lottery!”,

he said in bliss while hugging her.

“Mom, Here are 5,000 I have earned..”

said the same boy while looking

at his expired mother’s picture.

He cried because it was too late.

But at the same time he smiled,

Because finally he learnt to EARN


We all need money for our living. We can get it as much as we want by shortcuts with Luck. But when we take efforts, stay awake for nights, adjust our schedule, meet several disappointments; even the smallest amount of money becomes worth! This is ‘ Real Earning’!

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