A Must Read Letter For Each And Every Individual!

Hello friends hope you all are doing well! I very well know that I am not active on Writosophy since few months. So I am writing this post cum letter in case you missed me. You know that I always talk about Friendship, Self-improvement, Passion, Humanity and sometimes Love too! Well now tell me what’s common in them? You might think that these are interesting topics so I select them or maybe I don’t have nothing to say! Well that’s not true. If you are a good observer, then you might have found out that I always talk in a positive manner. Read each and every post if you think that I am lying.

Well because I want all of you to be filled with positivity and energy to turn impossible into possible. I want every one of you to believe in yourself. My voice cannot reach up to each and every person I believe must listen. Moreover, I am not someone great. I am just an average person among 7.5 billion people in this world. I am just a simple voice trying to connect with your heart by writing few sentences. But I am different. Different just like you!

Today I find many people wearing a mask. I find many people hiding their true self. I find many people pretending to be someone they are not. Maybe you too are one of them! Please don’t be. You are priceless. Turn your passion into full-time job. And if you can’t, at least give it some time every weekend. You are here for doing something special that no one can do except yourself. If you don’t do this, then you are lost my friend, you are lost! Just give one chance to yourself and see how life smiles at you!

Don’t forget to smile even in tough times. Be positive and let the time pass. We all have problems. And unfortunately we cannot escape from them. Let the tough times make you stronger. This is the way life works! Accept the truth and deal with situation. Don’t try to fool yourself by giving lame excuses. Because my friend, no matter how hard you try, you cannot fool yourself! All your questions shall be answered someday. For now just be patient!

Wondering why I wanted you to read this letter? Because we are humans. Together we can change this world and bring back lost humanity. Because only love can keep us bonded and help us in finding right way. I will share many things in upcoming posts so stay tuned. Till then take care and spread the smile. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Must Read Letter For Each And Every Individual!”

  1. This is lovely! “Because we are humans.” – this was quite possibly my favourite part. It’s such a small, simple fact but it is so true – we are all humans and that should be enough!

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