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No Commitments, No Drama, No Shit!

This Is Who I Am! (

The Quote Says,

“I have stopped
giving explanations.
Neither do I expect
anything from people;
Nor do I let them
know my injuries & glories.
Everyone is free to
stay in or leave my life.
Yes, there’s a reason behind
no one will ever understand..
No Commitments, No Drama, No Shit!


Explaining yourself is a waste of time! Let people make their opinion about you; you don’t need to fight back with words. Prove them false with your actions. Be what you are! No one has the right to judge you. Expect nothing from people and continue to work for your goals. And let me remind you of something, you are ‘Special’!

Why Did You Leave Me?

Hello Writosophers!

Hope you all are doing well. Last time we had discussion over topic A Letter From A Known Stranger…! In case you missed it, have a look! Our today’s topic ‘Why Did You Leave Me?’ is the most common scenario which takes place in our Life. Everyone among us has faced this ‘Storm’ and somehow with the help of our Friend ‘Time’ we have managed to survive.

Life itself is a ‘Tragedy’! We meet many people, few become our ‘Loved Ones’. We spend the most beautiful moments with them and it feels like We are in Heaven! Seriously, We spend some time in bliss and then again, Life happens! Misunderstandings are the root of Breakups. Once your relation encounters with misunderstandings, gradually everything starts changing. The so-called ‘Heaven’ turns into ‘Hell’! After a few arguments, fights, complaints, Life opens the ‘Exit’!

They had done and they left us. So what should I do now? It’s easy, simply wave them a ‘Goodbye’! You have to Move On and unfortunately there’s no shortcut for it. I agree it’s the hardest phase of Life, but it’s worth. Throughout our Life, Many people leave us, We leave many; but nothing changes! How can you expect having ‘Permanent People’ in your ‘Temporary Life’? People will enter your Life and at some point, they will leave you. You have to get habitual to this cycle and continue leading your  Life. Don’t waste your time explaining yourself, no one really cares! (Personally, I never explain Myself! 😉 )

Yes you must try to save your relations. But you should not lose your Self Respect. If your partner or friend has no intentions to stay in your Life, you have no right to stop them. Spending some time alone and finding out what you really need is the best remedy for every problem. Also admit the fact that it’s completely alright to lose people,because  this is how we grow up! Take this experience as blessings and move on. Stay blessed and spread the Smile! 🙂

Dear Writosophers, Don’t forget to comment your view regarding our today’s topic

‘Why Did You Leave Me?’

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Seasons Kept Changing But Spring Never Arrived!

Spring Never Arrived.. (

The Quote says,

“Once upon a time,

I was a happy tree!

Luckily I had countless

Beloved Leaves..

And then arrived the

‘Autumn’ I guess!

One by one, Every Leaf

left &  None stayed..

Although Seasons seem

to be changing,

Never arrived the

‘Spring’ since then!”


There comes a time in our Life when one by one everyone leaves us. We feel lonely and nothing seems to be working. We become nostalgic and for sometime Life seems to be hard. But soon Time plays it’s role and our Life is filled again with Sunshine! Life can be Hard but never Worthless!

Story Of Evil Past

Alone I was walking in the crowd,
Nothing I had to smile & feel proud;
The poor girl kept searching for bliss,
Alas! Every time she encountered with worries.

I wish if I had someone to share pain of my part,
Kept crying the restless pitiful heart;
Every day seemed to be another lazy death,
Evil past it was, how can I forget?

And suddenly one day Life happened,
Something called ‘Hope’ awakened;
‘Coward Me’ managed somehow to rise again,
Never did I lower my eyes since then.

Finally I fought & escaped the dark cage,
Somewhere I was meant to meet ‘Life’ on a random page;
Far away I came from those screams & tears,
To live peacefully with fierce not with fears!

Nor the endless struggle will stop to impair,
Neither will I ever stop to endeavor;
Because the goal is to be someone’s part,
Earlier for what begged my doomed heart!

(By Shraddha Gore)

When You Realize What Is Real Earning!

Because Finally He Learnt To EARN (

The Quote says,

“Mom, I have won 50,000 in Lottery!”,

he said in bliss while hugging her.

“Mom, Here are 5,000 I have earned..”

said the same boy while looking

at his expired mother’s picture.

He cried because it was too late.

But at the same time he smiled,

Because finally he learnt to EARN


We all need money for our living. We can get it as much as we want by shortcuts with Luck. But when we take efforts, stay awake for nights, adjust our schedule, meet several disappointments; even the smallest amount of money becomes worth! This is ‘ Real Earning’!

This Is Funny How People Are Dying Empty…

This Is Funny How... (

The Quote says,

“This is funny how

our Whatsapp last seen changes

within a second for everyone;

But it has been ages

since our last self-talk!

Although inbox seems pretty filled,

People are actually dying empty…”

This is means that in spite of being surrounded with many people, our loneliness has no end. Maybe it is because sometimes we forget to give some time, some love to ourselves!

A Letter From A Known Stranger…!

Hey You!

Did you recognize Me? Let me give you a hint. I’m a ‘Known Stranger’. No one in the world knows you better than Me. Try how hard you can but you can’t leave Me. I’m there with you from your childhood and I will stay with you till your last breath. No! I’m not giving you fake promise! This is reality; you can live without Me, but you can’t ignore Me. I’m in you! I guess you are still thinking who the hell is this. I’m You! I, Me, Myself,… whatever they call, I’m your soul, heart, brain, mind.. Did you recognize Me or should I attach my selfie i.e. your selfie!

It has been a long time since our last conversation. I know you are busy with Life dealing with stupid people, trusting their fake promises, changing yourself permanently for those temporary people. It’s funny how easily your last seen on Whatsapp changes in a minute for world but for you don’t have few seconds for yourself! No, I am not complaining; I understand you so I am writing this letter to keep yourself updated with yourself!

I don’t understand why do you run after people? Why you always keep trying to prove yourself? Why can’t you understand those who left you are gone far away now. Please stop chasing them! You are overthinking over shit. Look buddy, there are people who love you more than anything. Yes! Such people exist. Please remove your blindfold! I know you are wise enough to understand such people who don’t say I Love You every time but they prove their Love, their Friendship in your bad times!

Secondly, You are running an endless race you will lose because you are running away from yourself, from your problems, from your responsibilities. For how long will you run away from yourself? I am aware of your wishes. Don’t you think you must start fulfilling them on your own? No one is going to gift you Lamborghini! You have to work hard for it. You will work hard only if you love that work. So go for only your dream job. Just imagine you are aged now. You are done with your life and responsibilities. Do you want to see yourself regretting for not completing your dreams? Do you want to hear “I wish if I had done that… I would have stayed happy.. blah blah!” Who cares for Drama! Gather some guts and do what you love not what you pretend to love!

I know you had done many countless mistakes! There are people who blame you for those mistakes, who judge you from your past, who discourage you every time, who hate you the most. But it’s ok! You have realised your mistakes, eventually Karma has punished you. You are done with your side! Apologise once again. It’s their decision to forgive you or not. You just have to see whether your one effort settles everything or not. Whatever may happen, you have to keep leading your life. There are people whom you hate too. Forgive them. Let Karma play its role. After all, you must have a peaceful life, isn’t it?

Last but not the least! Accept yourself. No matter how unsuccessful you are! It doesn’t matter whether people hate you, like you or love you. It’s all Materialism! What matters is whether you love yourself or not? Today it is hard to love ourself because everyone is searching for love from others. They forget themselves and get disappointed when they expect a little care, little love from others but all they get is ‘Betrayal’! Stop living little little everyday; instead make the most out of it!

I’m sorry for wasting your precious time but I love you! Please give yourself some time and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Hope you don’t forget this stranger!

Yours Lovingly,


Parents – The Real Treasure Of Our Life!

Poor Old Father (

The Quote says,

He was 71 and she was 17.

Poor old father was still working hard

to see his daughter’s bright future;

On the other side of the story,

She was blaming him for his sinful past..”

This means that sometimes we fight with our parents, we blame them for their mistakes. But they still don’t complain about us. They still work hard to see our happiness. We must not forget the fact that ‘What we are today is all because of  our Parents’! As we are growing up, they too are getting old so we must take care of them!


Should I Start Over Again? [Personal Experience]

Sharing a personal experience: 

Hi Friends! It’s been a long time since I published my last article Why Reading Books Is So Essential? . Meanwhile I was working on My Dream (I will share with you once I finish! 😉 ). I thought I was near to success. I will just have to complete few formalities and its done! 🙂 But I was wrong, I had no idea about the gift tomorrow had for me! Suddenly, I realized Success is too far, I’ve just started! It felt like I was building a house of cards and as I was about to place the last card, all of a sudden air blew and I was back to square one!

I had no idea regarding further steps. For some days, I took a break from writing and instead of crying over failure I started enjoying it! I learnt that ‘Sometimes Failure Itself Is The Best Motivation’. I was trapped with only one question, “Should I start over again?”. Finally my heart gave me the correct answer.

“You have only one option left i.e. Start over again! You had worked hard for months and you have tasted failure many times. After failing, You can start many times but you can quit only once. If you quit now, believe me you will die everyday! You crossed half road, won’t you walk another half for yourself? The more you fail, the more you grow. Do you remember your dream? It isn’t an ordinary dream which you can see with your closed eyes, it is an unbelievable dream you can see only with your awake heart! So…When are we starting?”

After all how can I waste my efforts? I strongly believe that  ‘Our Heart Has Answers Of Our All Questions!’ and so I’ve started a new start! I’m ready for another failure. Who knows if I encounter Success this time! I’ve learnt much more from failure and time has come to start with motivation again! I’ll soon post a new quote related to this article, till then have a look at existing Quotes!

Comment your experiences & ideas on our ‘Should I Start Over Again?’  & leave a message for our fellow Writosophers!


Don’t Quit!

Don't Quit! (

The Quote says,

“I asked,

“Will I Win?”


replied Dreams.”

Though the Quote seems small, but it has a vast message for all of us. It simply means that we must continue with our Struggle and concentrate on our Goal. Someday, we will definitely succeed. However tough it may seem, but DON’T QUIT!

Life Simply Keeps Going On!

Life Simply Keeps Going On! (

Download Here:

Quote says,

“I realised that I was stupid
when I wanted to balance my Life.
So I learnt a new lesson that,
I will have to go through
Ups & Downs all at the same time.
Maybe I will have to shed few tears
and dance out of joy at the same time.
I cannot control happenings but
Life simply keeps going on!”

It means that it’s not necessary what you plan will happen in reality. You may  have a tough time or you may be you will taste happiness. So stop worrying about consequences and keep on going! Just enjoy your Life!

Searching For A ‘Good Person’?

Good Person (

“Everyone in the crowd was looking

for the so called “Good Person”.

The sad part of the story is,

None of them explored themselves

and struggled to become one!”.

This means that Everyone including us complain every time for not having a ‘Good Person’ in our life but none of us is ready to accept our faults, change and struggle to become ‘Good Person’ in other’s life!

I Wish To Become Myself!

I Wish To Become Myself (

“Teacher asked 5th Grade Students,

“What do you want to become in future?”.

All replies were Engineer, Scientist, Doctor etc.

A little girl when asked replied,

“I wish to become Myself.”.

Everyone started laughing at the poor girl.

15 years later they finally realised She was right!”

This means that You must not run behind what everyone else is running for. You must always go for your passion no matter how small it may look.

‘Don’t Run For What Sounds You Best, Instead Run For What Suits You Best!’ 

Why Reading Books Is So Essential?

Hi everyone! Many of you might have enjoyed your vacations. Weddings, Travel, Treks, Movies, Games and many more things you might have enjoyed! I wonder if anyone of you have cultivated a new hobby like ‘Reading’? Yes! I’m talking about Books, Novels and Magazines which seem boring to you! There are many people who spend their entire day reading books of different genres. The most amazing fact is that, they don’t get bored with this and continue taking pleasure out of it!

Here are some reasons why you too should start loving books!


1.Improves General Knowledge 

You will find out many interesting facts about every topic possible like Animals, Humans, Birds, Environment, Life Hacks, Geography, History, News, Science and Technology etc. Once you start reading such informative books, you will gradually improve your observation and intelligence.

2.Teaches Morals of Life

Pick book of any genre you wish, it will definitely teach you something. You will find that every book has many necessary lessons which you must learn. You just have to read a book in order to learn ethics and morality. Reading Spiritual books is highly recommended!

3.Sharpens Your Imagination

Books not only entertain you but also sharpen your imagination. You will become restless once the book catches your heart. You will try to guess the ending of the book and in turn, you will end up with many new ideas which you can put in your Novel/Play etc.

4.Stays By Your Side Forever

Everyone except your Parents can leave you but not Books! Once you become a Reader, you will keep reading till the end. You will find yourself reading some or the other thing everyday! Books won’t leave your side. Just give them a try!

 5.Helps You in Writing

If you ought to be a Writer then Reading is MUST! Every Writer is a Reader first! It is because reading gives shape to your Writing. The more you read, the more you write! And this is how it works. Reading not only increases your Vocabulary but also fills you with Innovative Ideas.

 6.Motivates You during Hard Times

No matter how bad time it is, Books always have something to tell. They will motivate you, lift you and fill you with spirit and positivity  to achieve your Goals. Reading is the start of ‘Hope’ and you will notice this once you give a chance!

7.Costs Less But Helps More

Books don’t cost much; they are found everywhere at reasonable prices. But what they give you is more than you think. They become your ‘Best Friends’ and help you in every problem.

8.Asks for Nothing in Return

You get plenty of information for your projects, life hacks and messages to lead a positive life from books. Now what should you give in return? Nothing! Simply continue to read and improve yourself, this is why books came in this World!

9.Improves Vocabulary

Good Vocabulary is needed in many important aspects of Life like Interviews, Writing a Novel, Business Communication etc. Cheapest way to improve one’s vocabulary is by reading plenty of books.

10.Changes You Completely

Books will change you completely! You won’t be the same person anymore. You will be filled with Confidence, Inspiration, Patience, Hope etc. You will end up being a good human being for sure!

Finally now when you are aware of so many advantages of reading books, why don’t you just grab a book and start reading it?