Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask!

Hi Friends! Last time I discussed an article ‘That One Minute Of Silence Which Makes You To Meet The ‘Real You’!’ For today I have come with a fresh topic, and this actually needs your attention! So our new topic is “Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask!”.

Everyday we are so busy living our Life, thus what happens is, ‘What We See Is What We Believe’! So when We meet a new person, We pay attention to ‘First Impression’! If a person seems polite, good-looking or caring to Us, we easily get attracted. Exactly, if the person seems rude,awful or blunt to Us, we just ignore! But not every time, First Impression is the Last Impression. What I believe is ‘Last Impression Is The Last Impression’!

 It’s not compulsory how we see others is actually what they are! It can be a ‘Mirage’ too! Just because someone seems Evil today doesn’t mean they were born Evil! We must understand the fact that ‘Behind Every Egotist Lies An Unspoken Story’! We are unaware of Everyone’s story, hence, We have no right to judge them. The World Has Equal Number Of The Saints And The Criminals; This Is Because Every Person Is A ‘Half Angel’ & A ‘Half Devil’ Inside’.

Every person you think is evil is not born evil for sure! They too were kind at some point of their Life & Life happened! Maybe their Kindness had to pay a big price which in turn made them what they are today! The scenario today is that One Faithful person gets betrayed & somehow loses his trust over Loyalty. When he meets a new person, in fear of betrayal, he wears the mask of ‘Villain” & the other person gets betrayed. This chain continues and everyone becomes the prey of that Mask! When it comes to Us, We don’t take a minute to judge the other person; We simply put the tag of ‘EVIL’ and move ahead! This is how the Devil inside us wins & the mask hides the Angel!

So next time when you meet a rude person, remove the Mask and think twice before judging him! Have a good day!

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10 thoughts on “Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask!”

  1. To say someone is half angel, half evil is to wear a mask and judge. Alcoholic can be evil or angelic to a certain point. Then watch out. Abusers have a cycle and then watch out. What are ordinary happy people. I cannot say, the Deacon is half evil. Or the priest. And doctors who believe in euthanasia are… ? It becomes circumstantial…but is it judgement?

  2. First, I have to say the thing that drew to this blog at first was the Harley Quinn image. LOVE that! I think we need to experience people a bit more before judging them regardless of if they are “nice” or “rude” in their first impression. It goes both ways.

    Even villains are the heros of their own stories.

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