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Dream It, Plan It and Do It

When we see anyone achieving their goals, it certainly reminds us of our goals. Rather than working on them, we waste our time by simply thinking about them. Thinking alone will not get you there. Stop waiting for opportunity and create one. Success won’t come to you if you don’t go for hardwork.

Everybody dreams but not everybody achieves. As I already said that thinking alone is not enough. There are two more steps: Plan it and Do it. Therefore, the rule to accomplish your dreams is:

Dream It, Plan It and Do It


Dream It:

You should have a vision for your life. You should have a dream. Dream big and never think of having short-term goals. Identify your talent and passion. What makes you different from the rest? Where do you see yourself when you close eyes? What makes you hungry for success? Clear vision is important my friend! Create a title for yourself.


Plan It:

Having a goal is just the first step of nothing! Goals are just wishes if you don’t assign them timeline. Find out the steps and activities of your dream journey. Lay down the process . Often there are multiple ways to reach any destination but go for the best one. Best doesn’t mean shortcuts. Best means the one where you will learn more and get experience as much as you can.


Do It:

Now it’s time for the action! Try to implement what you learnt while planning. Don’t worry if you are too slow, Worry when you are about to quit. Never quit, I repeat never! You will fail many times but how many times do you get up and work counts! Hard-work and patience will bring you close to your destiny. If not now, then someday! Believe in yourself. No one becomes successful overnight. Seize the moment and make most of everyday.

Finally, do not be pressured into doing something because someone else wants you to do it. Your goals for 2007 should be something you really desire to change or achieve. Then you will be more likely to succeed.  Take care and spread smile! 🙂

A Must Read Letter For Each And Every Individual!

Hello friends hope you all are doing well! I very well know that I am not active on Writosophy since few months. So I am writing this post cum letter in case you missed me. You know that I always talk about Friendship, Self-improvement, Passion, Humanity and sometimes Love too! Well now tell me what’s common in them? You might think that these are interesting topics so I select them or maybe I don’t have nothing to say! Well that’s not true. If you are a good observer, then you might have found out that I always talk in a positive manner. Read each and every post if you think that I am lying.

Well because I want all of you to be filled with positivity and energy to turn impossible into possible. I want every one of you to believe in yourself. My voice cannot reach up to each and every person I believe must listen. Moreover, I am not someone great. I am just an average person among 7.5 billion people in this world. I am just a simple voice trying to connect with your heart by writing few sentences. But I am different. Different just like you!

Today I find many people wearing a mask. I find many people hiding their true self. I find many people pretending to be someone they are not. Maybe you too are one of them! Please don’t be. You are priceless. Turn your passion into full-time job. And if you can’t, at least give it some time every weekend. You are here for doing something special that no one can do except yourself. If you don’t do this, then you are lost my friend, you are lost! Just give one chance to yourself and see how life smiles at you!

Don’t forget to smile even in tough times. Be positive and let the time pass. We all have problems. And unfortunately we cannot escape from them. Let the tough times make you stronger. This is the way life works! Accept the truth and deal with situation. Don’t try to fool yourself by giving lame excuses. Because my friend, no matter how hard you try, you cannot fool yourself! All your questions shall be answered someday. For now just be patient!

Wondering why I wanted you to read this letter? Because we are humans. Together we can change this world and bring back lost humanity. Because only love can keep us bonded and help us in finding right way. I will share many things in upcoming posts so stay tuned. Till then take care and spread the smile. 🙂

The Other Side Of Love’s Story!

Hello my dear friends! How’s it going? I hope all of you are doing well. Do you guys remember our last discussion? It was ‘Friendship – Incomplete Experience Without A True Friend!’. In case you missed it, have a look. Well, our today’s topic is everyone’s favourite. Everyone certainly has something to tell on this topic. You have felt it at least once in a lifetime. It can be your eternal power but can also be your greatest weakness. Alright, it’s Love!

Since childhood I have come across one phrase. It states, “You too will fall in love someday. You cannot save yourself from Love but if you welcome it, you will survive this disaster too!” So I believe it is inevitable. Everyone falls in love sooner or later. Everyone defines it in their own way. While few say, “It is the best feeling in the world!” some say, “It is another form of Suicide!”. For some it is their purpose of life, and for some it doesn’t even exist!

For me, Love is ‘Honesty’. You have to be honest with someone for loving them. If you aren’t honest, you aren’t in love. It is present in everyone. Family, Friendship, Relationship and Humanity all are connected with this one single bond. It comes in all shapes, sizes and in all forms. It is when your parents call you now and then just to ensure your safety. It is when your friend helps you in completing notes when you missed classes due to fever. It is when your partner had as many as reasons to leave you but didn’t.

We talk about ‘Love Stories’ but now let me tell you other side of ‘Love’s Story’. When we talk about it, it is always presumed that we are talking about couples. We often forget it’s origin which is none other than ‘Parents’. They begin loving you even before your birth. It has nothing to do with your relationship status because you do share a special bond with your parents and friends. You are already loving them. We all are in love with some(one) or some(thing) which takes us far away from this world, which makes us more strong and capable every passing day, which tells us why were we born.

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‘The Other Side Of Love’s Story!’

Friendship – Incomplete Experience Without A True Friend!

Hey Friends! I hope you all are doing well. Last time, we had discussion on ‘Should I Move On Or Hold On?’. In case you missed it, please have a look! Let’s have some talk on my favourite topic ‘Friendship'(Not again!). So what comes in your mind after you hear this word? Is it a group of friends enjoying trip? Or two friends secretly talking during lecture? Maybe you are thinking about your best friend(s)? Whatever it is, but I am sure you are enjoying these positive vibes!

Almost everyone has few gems known as ‘Real Friends’. We share the perfect bond with them and no matter how worst situation can become, We won’t leave them. This is what we all expect from other side too. You know what? The best part of friendship is that you will walk miles for them without even actually noticing those small efforts you did for them! I believe when you are true to your partner, you don’t need to prove your relation. I apply this to friendship too.

Now let’s try something different. Imagine your friend(s) walking away exactly during your hard time. When you needed them the most, they disappeared like they never existed before. Now you are on your own. You decide to break the back of the beast and eventually after few downfalls and shocks, you finally succeed! Your life is normal again but not you. Because you learnt a new lesson that not everyone who laughs with you in good time will stand behind you in bad time. You have no idea how far will you go with them.

This is probably everyone’s life lesson, isn’t it? But before you head to conclusion, let me tell you the other side of above story. You didn’t notice one significant person. There was this person who wiped your tears, who told you to try one more time, who fought with you. This person is none other than ‘You’! We almost forget the friend within ourselves. While we are busy taking care of others, we forget that even we are needed to be taken care of!

Trust me once you befriend yourself, no storm can break you. You are never alone if you actually feel the inner you. Your first cum true friend is ‘You’ because you are the only one who will not only witness your struggle but also will never leave your side. Friendship is possibly one of the beautiful experiences in life. Don’t ruin it by underestimating yourself. While you shower love on others, remember to sprinkle few drops on yourself too!

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‘Friendship – Incomplete Experience Without A True Friend!’


Should I Move On Or Hold On?

Hey Friends! I hope you all are doing well. Last time, we had discussion on ‘Best Friend – An Emotion!’. In case you missed it, please have a look! Finally after many days I got time for Writosophy. Hence, I decided to write an article. Let’s not waste time and proceed towards our today’s topic ‘Should I Move On Or Hold On?’. I am sure you might have asked this question to yourself at least once till the date. Personally I have encountered with such situation many times! You know what? We all are playing the same game, but with different levels!

Let me tell you the fact that ‘Moving On’ is hard but ‘Holding On’ is much painful! You will never really win the battle between heart and mind while you hold on. They both will continue to fight and eventually it will be the loss of your soul! Not always you have to listen to your heart. Trust me, you will die daily if you hold on. You will never move on. Holding on feels like standing on railway platform but waiting for a flight! Sometimes you have to accept the reality and move on. There’s no point of “If I could have” things in Life because Life will never bring your past back.

Want to hear benefits of moving on? 😉 Moving on feels like a new birth. It doesn’t hurt anymore. You have no time to recall past, you are simply focused on the betterment of future. Moving on is amazing. How? Let’s take an example, You see them (you know whom I’m talking about! 😉 ) maybe at friend’s party or at the office or at any other public places. What will you do now? Should you leave the place? Or should you ignore them? Wait! You can show them who’s the real boss! You will have such rubbish thoughts running in your mind!

But when you actually move on,

You don’t hesitate to smile at them. You ask them how they are doing. You treat them like an old friend.

Believe me if you treat them as stranger, you haven’t moved on yet!

I agree that it takes few days, few months or few years to move on. But once you have climbed this mountain, the scenery you will find at the top will be worth of it! Time never waits for anyone, so does Life. When Life gives you a pause, make sure it’s not a full stop; it’s just a comma!

I hope now you will correctly answer our today’s question ‘Should I Move On Or Hold On?’! Enjoy your Life. Stay blessed and spread the smile! 🙂

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‘’Should I Move On Or Hold On?’



Best Friend – An Emotion!

Hello! Hope you all are doing well. 🙂 I have one good news to share with all of you! Guess what? Fellow Writosophers, we have completed one year journey of Writosophy! Last year i.e. on 26th December 2015, I stepped in my world of Writing. I am happy because this was the best decision I took. I learnt many new things not just as a Writer, but as a Human Being! Choose your passion and it will change your world! Let’s move to our today’s topic.

Last time, we had discussion on ‘Those Small Things Which Actually Aren’t Small’. Today let’s discuss on ‘Best Friend – An Emotion!’. “You are my best friend!”. How many times have you heard or said this sentence? How lucky is it to have a best friend, isn’t it? We need a best friend not to do anything in particular, just to make us feel special. We need to know that we are being cared, we need to know that we can bring smile on someone’s face! Often we feel low without any reason. At times, we need someone to hug us. We need a shoulder to cry on, we need someone to know our true potential. We need a stranger to accept us with all our flaws and the list goes on…

There is something special about friendship. You go through storms together, battle together, lose together and of course cry together too. But after every achievement what do you say? “I could have never achieved this without you..Thank you buddy!”. You don’t learn to give credits, it happens naturally. You may or may not meet your best friend every day, but you will include them too in your daily praying! And yes, this too is natural. You will forgive your best friend for all their mistakes. It will eventually become habitual of forgiving! This is the effect of Friendship. It brings out the best part of you and shows you that you can spread love unconditionally. I believe that Friendship has potential to change this world. In the world full of violence, what can be better than extending our hand towards a stranger!

Let your best friend know how special they are for you! Always open up and don’t hide anything. It takes courage to tell them what you truly feel about them. Trust me, it will make your bond of togetherness stronger! Love them but don’t lose them! Hope you enjoyed today’s discussion. Stay blessed and spread the smile. 🙂

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‘Best Friend – An Emotion!’

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Those Small Things Which Actually Aren’t Small!

Hi Friends! I hope you all are doing well. Last time, we had discussion on ‘I am Mediocre & I am proud of Myself!‘. In case you missed it, have a look! 😉 For today, there’s a little suspense as you can see in the title. Wait! Small things which actually aren’t small? What’s this?

Did you get what I am talking about?  Yes, I am talking about all those small acts, small favours you do for others everyday. No matter how small or insignificant they mean to you, but they really matter a lot. Sacrificing window seat while travelling for beloved one, offering your seat to aged person standing beside you, letting dear one’s have the last bite of your favourite snack, declining mind-blowing opportunity because you think someone deserves it more than you.. and millions of daily life examples like this! We all have done such little acts and we will continue doing them. What if we suddenly stop doing them?

Nothing much! We will be living in the same world,but we will notice few changes for sure. Although there will be many humans surrounding us, none will have ‘Humanity’! Ego, Greed and Selfishness will have no end! People will take birth with Heart but their empty heart will be pitiless. Because getting birth as ‘Human’ doesn’t simply makes you ‘Human’! Those small things, they make you call ‘Human’. Wonder why? Because for a second, you listen to your Heart; for a second, you become generous. Let it be for less time, but you have the purest thoughts for others. This is what a ‘Human’ is supposed to have, isn’t it?

Sadly, few times these acts aren’t appreciated either by us or by them! Sometimes we forget to thank our beloved one’s or strangers who perform them for us. Genuinely what I learnt from Life is that you don’t need to confess your love with words to them; you can even confess without saying one word! Take little efforts for others and at the same time, appreciate their efforts too! I hope you love those small things and will continue them! Hope you could relate the acts and enjoyed today’s discussion. Anyways stay blessed and spread the smile! 🙂

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‘Those Small Things Which Actually Aren’t Small!’

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I am Mediocre & I am proud of Myself!

Hello Friends! Today again I’ve got an interesting topic for us to discuss ‘I am Mediocre & I am proud of Myself!’. In case you missed the last discussion on Why Did You Leave Me?, have a look at it!

Are you ‘Mediocre’? Do you think you are an ordinary person who took birth just to pay bills or to work for 12 hours a day? Mediocre – An average person who is supposed to do his work on time, who has lost so-called ‘Life’ in his/her daily struggle to survive. Wait.. Survive? What for?? To tell your grandchildren how responsible you were during your working age!!

I’m  Mediocre & I accept it. What makes Me different from rest 7.4 Billion people is the way I decided to live. Yes, You read right! I don’t have Dreams; I have ‘Life Goals’. Goals which make Me feel alive, which make Me believe in Me, which motivate Me everyday. Out of 24 hours, I give 8 hours for Sleep, 10 for Work/Study/Travel, 1 for Family, 1 for Friends, and rest 4 hours are for Me. Whole day I have to be polite, gentle, courteous, well-mannered but in these 4 hours I meet the ‘Real Me’. This is the face I never show to world but yes, it exists! For some time, I don’t have to pretend how Good I am. I can do whatever I feel & no one can question Me about it! ( Everyone has their own idea of relieving! 🙂 )

I am Mediocre because I live a simple life, because I don’t plan for ‘Luxurious Life’; I plan for ‘Peaceful Life’. I don’t want to spend Life adding zeros (rightwards) to my Bank balance; I want to spend Life increasing value of ‘My Existence’. Yet, My Life is ideal one. How? It is because I reserve some time for Myself. Within that time, I think on My Life (I said ‘Think’ not ‘Overthink’! 😉 ), check whether I am on right path or not, look for Motivation and plan accordingly for My Goals. I cannot plan My Life but I can have as many plans I wish! I spend some time with My hobbies too. It’s necessary to give time to hobbies too because Hobbies make sure that you are simply not a ‘Skeleton’; you have ‘Life’ too!

I am sure there will be many people who are termed as ‘Mediocre’ and have no idea about their ‘Superpowers’! Next time onwards, if someone calls you ‘Mediocre’, be proud of yourself!

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‘I am Mediocre & I am proud of Myself!’

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Why Did You Leave Me?

Hello Writosophers!

Hope you all are doing well. Last time we had discussion over topic A Letter From A Known Stranger…! In case you missed it, have a look! Our today’s topic ‘Why Did You Leave Me?’ is the most common scenario which takes place in our Life. Everyone among us has faced this ‘Storm’ and somehow with the help of our Friend ‘Time’ we have managed to survive.

Life itself is a ‘Tragedy’! We meet many people, few become our ‘Loved Ones’. We spend the most beautiful moments with them and it feels like We are in Heaven! Seriously, We spend some time in bliss and then again, Life happens! Misunderstandings are the root of Breakups. Once your relation encounters with misunderstandings, gradually everything starts changing. The so-called ‘Heaven’ turns into ‘Hell’! After a few arguments, fights, complaints, Life opens the ‘Exit’!

They had done and they left us. So what should I do now? It’s easy, simply wave them a ‘Goodbye’! You have to Move On and unfortunately there’s no shortcut for it. I agree it’s the hardest phase of Life, but it’s worth. Throughout our Life, Many people leave us, We leave many; but nothing changes! How can you expect having ‘Permanent People’ in your ‘Temporary Life’? People will enter your Life and at some point, they will leave you. You have to get habitual to this cycle and continue leading your  Life. Don’t waste your time explaining yourself, no one really cares! (Personally, I never explain Myself! 😉 )

Yes you must try to save your relations. But you should not lose your Self Respect. If your partner or friend has no intentions to stay in your Life, you have no right to stop them. Spending some time alone and finding out what you really need is the best remedy for every problem. Also admit the fact that it’s completely alright to lose people,because  this is how we grow up! Take this experience as blessings and move on. Stay blessed and spread the Smile! 🙂

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‘Why Did You Leave Me?’

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A Letter From A Known Stranger…!

Hey You!

Did you recognize Me? Let me give you a hint. I’m a ‘Known Stranger’. No one in the world knows you better than Me. Try how hard you can but you can’t leave Me. I’m there with you from your childhood and I will stay with you till your last breath. No! I’m not giving you fake promise! This is reality; you can live without Me, but you can’t ignore Me. I’m in you! I guess you are still thinking who the hell is this. I’m You! I, Me, Myself,… whatever they call, I’m your soul, heart, brain, mind.. Did you recognize Me or should I attach my selfie i.e. your selfie!

It has been a long time since our last conversation. I know you are busy with Life dealing with stupid people, trusting their fake promises, changing yourself permanently for those temporary people. It’s funny how easily your last seen on Whatsapp changes in a minute for world but for you don’t have few seconds for yourself! No, I am not complaining; I understand you so I am writing this letter to keep yourself updated with yourself!

I don’t understand why do you run after people? Why you always keep trying to prove yourself? Why can’t you understand those who left you are gone far away now. Please stop chasing them! You are overthinking over shit. Look buddy, there are people who love you more than anything. Yes! Such people exist. Please remove your blindfold! I know you are wise enough to understand such people who don’t say I Love You every time but they prove their Love, their Friendship in your bad times!

Secondly, You are running an endless race you will lose because you are running away from yourself, from your problems, from your responsibilities. For how long will you run away from yourself? I am aware of your wishes. Don’t you think you must start fulfilling them on your own? No one is going to gift you Lamborghini! You have to work hard for it. You will work hard only if you love that work. So go for only your dream job. Just imagine you are aged now. You are done with your life and responsibilities. Do you want to see yourself regretting for not completing your dreams? Do you want to hear “I wish if I had done that… I would have stayed happy.. blah blah!” Who cares for Drama! Gather some guts and do what you love not what you pretend to love!

I know you had done many countless mistakes! There are people who blame you for those mistakes, who judge you from your past, who discourage you every time, who hate you the most. But it’s ok! You have realised your mistakes, eventually Karma has punished you. You are done with your side! Apologise once again. It’s their decision to forgive you or not. You just have to see whether your one effort settles everything or not. Whatever may happen, you have to keep leading your life. There are people whom you hate too. Forgive them. Let Karma play its role. After all, you must have a peaceful life, isn’t it?

Last but not the least! Accept yourself. No matter how unsuccessful you are! It doesn’t matter whether people hate you, like you or love you. It’s all Materialism! What matters is whether you love yourself or not? Today it is hard to love ourself because everyone is searching for love from others. They forget themselves and get disappointed when they expect a little care, little love from others but all they get is ‘Betrayal’! Stop living little little everyday; instead make the most out of it!

I’m sorry for wasting your precious time but I love you! Please give yourself some time and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Hope you don’t forget this stranger!

Yours Lovingly,


Should I Start Over Again? [Personal Experience]

Sharing a personal experience: 

Hi Friends! It’s been a long time since I published my last article Why Reading Books Is So Essential? . Meanwhile I was working on My Dream (I will share with you once I finish! 😉 ). I thought I was near to success. I will just have to complete few formalities and its done! 🙂 But I was wrong, I had no idea about the gift tomorrow had for me! Suddenly, I realized Success is too far, I’ve just started! It felt like I was building a house of cards and as I was about to place the last card, all of a sudden air blew and I was back to square one!

I had no idea regarding further steps. For some days, I took a break from writing and instead of crying over failure I started enjoying it! I learnt that ‘Sometimes Failure Itself Is The Best Motivation’. I was trapped with only one question, “Should I start over again?”. Finally my heart gave me the correct answer.

“You have only one option left i.e. Start over again! You had worked hard for months and you have tasted failure many times. After failing, You can start many times but you can quit only once. If you quit now, believe me you will die everyday! You crossed half road, won’t you walk another half for yourself? The more you fail, the more you grow. Do you remember your dream? It isn’t an ordinary dream which you can see with your closed eyes, it is an unbelievable dream you can see only with your awake heart! So…When are we starting?”

After all how can I waste my efforts? I strongly believe that  ‘Our Heart Has Answers Of Our All Questions!’ and so I’ve started a new start! I’m ready for another failure. Who knows if I encounter Success this time! I’ve learnt much more from failure and time has come to start with motivation again! I’ll soon post a new quote related to this article, till then have a look at existing Quotes!

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When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”

Hi Friends! Remember last time we had discussion on topic ‘Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask!’. For today our topic is ‘When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”‘.  This happens with everyone. You give your 100% and end up with the statement, “What did you do for Me?”(Yes, It hurts!). And guess what happens next? We keep blaming ourselves in spite of being honest! Stop it guys! It’s totally alright. After you waste your time & efforts on deceitful people, You don’t leave bare handed, instead you learn a ‘New Lesson’ & that lesson says, “Don’t repeat your Mistake!”

It’s not compulsory that they will give you back what you gave them! Always remember ‘If You Do It With Your Whole Heart And Still Get Offended, It’s Not Your Fault Anymore, It’s Theirs!’.  All you have to do is ‘Move On’ and never look back. Yes, I accept the fact that Moving On isn’t easy, but did you ever think If you can waste your efforts on people who don’t deserve you, then how much efforts can you take to see the ‘New Better You’? Personally what I believe is ‘Your Life Is A Story For Others, Make Sure It’s Quite Inspiring!’ .  Yes you were alone and unfortunately no one took your side! This is because ‘Buddy You are enough Strong to handle this Crap!’. You don’t have to prove yourself if you didn’t fake even 0.001%!

Never blame yourself for trusting untruthful people. It wasn’t a mistake at all. You did good for people who don’t deserve you & this is nothing but your Kindness! This is Kindness because you did with your ‘Heart’  and not with ‘Mind’! Note down your Mistakes(Every time a Relation fails, both sides are responsible!) & never repeat them. While moving on, everyday would be ‘Struggle’ but once you have moved on, you will meet the ‘New You’ & believe Me, you will Love yourself!

So next time when someone asks you, “What you have done for Me?”, Smile & reply, “What I could have done for Myself instead!” I hope you move on soon & stay blessed! 😉

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‘When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”‘


Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask!

Hi Friends! Last time I discussed an article ‘That One Minute Of Silence Which Makes You To Meet The ‘Real You’!’ For today I have come with a fresh topic, and this actually needs your attention! So our new topic is “Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask!”.

Everyday we are so busy living our Life, thus what happens is, ‘What We See Is What We Believe’! So when We meet a new person, We pay attention to ‘First Impression’! If a person seems polite, good-looking or caring to Us, we easily get attracted. Exactly, if the person seems rude,awful or blunt to Us, we just ignore! But not every time, First Impression is the Last Impression. What I believe is ‘Last Impression Is The Last Impression’!

 It’s not compulsory how we see others is actually what they are! It can be a ‘Mirage’ too! Just because someone seems Evil today doesn’t mean they were born Evil! We must understand the fact that ‘Behind Every Egotist Lies An Unspoken Story’! We are unaware of Everyone’s story, hence, We have no right to judge them. The World Has Equal Number Of The Saints And The Criminals; This Is Because Every Person Is A ‘Half Angel’ & A ‘Half Devil’ Inside’.

Every person you think is evil is not born evil for sure! They too were kind at some point of their Life & Life happened! Maybe their Kindness had to pay a big price which in turn made them what they are today! The scenario today is that One Faithful person gets betrayed & somehow loses his trust over Loyalty. When he meets a new person, in fear of betrayal, he wears the mask of ‘Villain” & the other person gets betrayed. This chain continues and everyone becomes the prey of that Mask! When it comes to Us, We don’t take a minute to judge the other person; We simply put the tag of ‘EVIL’ and move ahead! This is how the Devil inside us wins & the mask hides the Angel!

So next time when you meet a rude person, remove the Mask and think twice before judging him! Have a good day!

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Parents – Even The God Needs These ‘Gods’!

Hi Everyone! Today I will share my views regarding most important people which I should have discussed before! They are none other than ‘PARENTS!!! We all are so busy with our daily chores, running in the competition of Life to achieve success, making our career, enjoying with friends, finding soulmate etc. that sometimes we even forget our Parent’s presence!! Yes we love them a lot but it’s sad that we don’t have a couple of minutes to express our Love and Dignity towards them.

Each one of us had an amazing childhood just because of them. Remember how the World would used to seem so tiny when Dad used to lift you on his shoulders! You used to play throughout day and get tired at night; and then Mom used to make you fall asleep with her Lullaby! Even if someday you fell asleep without blanket, at morning, you would find yourself covered in blanket! Last piece of every delicious and tempting snack would be only your property! No happiness can replace those special moments we lived our childhood with Parents..

But now we have no time for them. We have become ‘Natural Robots’! Our parents need our time, our care; but they don’t ask us for it instead they too keep themselves busy in their schedule just because our Parents are ‘Understanding’! Did you ever notice their grey hairs, their wrinkles, their weakness? (Make Ups can’t hide Reality..). They might don’t say but they are exhausted. Still they worry for you, stay awake for hours till you reach home, make resources available for you. Parents are the only one who go through dark stormy nights to build a long-lasting bright dawn for you!

  Love your Parents not for what they are but for what you are today! Give them your time, accompany them, respect them. Always be aware of the fact that ‘Friends are Temporary, Family stays FOREVER!’ Some people truly understand their Parent’s value only when they find their Parent’s chair empty. If you have Parents, you have God’s blessings with you. Once you lose your Parents, you lose the Map of your Journey! Someday you too will become Parent and will understand what it takes to be a responsible and loving Parent! God bless you and your Parents too!

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