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Exactly Being A Half Angel & A Half Devil!

Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask! (

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The Quote says,

“The World Has Equal Number Of The Saints And The Criminals;

This Is Because Every Person Is

A ‘Half Angel’ & A ‘Half Devil” Inside.

Before You Judge Someone,

Kindly Remove The Mask!”

This means that  We must understand the fact that every Evil person too has a Kind Heart and at the same time, every Kind person has a wicked side too. We have no right to judge both of them!


You Simply Have To Lift Yourself A Little Everyday..

Lift Yourself A Littile Everyday (

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The Quote Says,

“No Matter How Good Person Are You,

Some People Will Never Stop Complaining;

Exactly, No Matter How Bad Person Are You,

Some People Will Look At The Brighter Side!!

Like Everything, Life Isn’t Perfect,

You Simply Have To Lift Yourself A Little Everyday..”

This means that No matter what work you do, some people will look at you with other vision. They may or may not feel you are doing great work. You have to focus on Yourself  & simply have to carry on & lift yourself everyday.

Life Isn’t That Complicated If..

Life Isn't That Complicared If.. (

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The Quote says,

“Life Isn’t That Complicated If You Focus Only On Your Goals Instead Of Paying Attention To Other’s Opinion About You”.

This means that carry on your hard work even if people dislike it. Dogs keep on barking, you just have to ignore them while walking!

Loyalty Is Too Much Expensive!!!


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The Quote says’

“Isn’t Loyalty Too Much Expensive? Maybe This Is The Reason Rich Hearted People Stay LOYAL”

This means that it really takes a big heart to stay loyal to someone. Betrayal is cheap, but you have to pay a big price for Loyalty!

All This World Needs Is A ‘WRITER’..

All It Needs Is A 'Writer'.. (

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The Quote says,

“This World Has Got So Many Secrets & Stories, Now All It Needs Is A ‘Writer’ Who Will Reveal & Write Them Down..”.

This Quote is especially made for Writers. This means that only Writers can bring Revolution with their powerful Writing in this World. Writing can change anyone’s perspective!

I Promise Because I’m Your ‘FRIEND’…!!

I'm Your Friend Anyways...!

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The Quote says,


No Matter How things Will Go Wrong,

And How People Will Turn Down..


To Be There For You Always…


I’m Your Friend Anyways… 🙂 ”

This Quote is made especially for Friendship Lovers! This means that a Loyal Friend never leaves your side, no matter what happens. They will protect you from all your Problems!

‘PARENTS’ Are The Only One Who Actually Do This For You…

Parents Are The Only One..

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Quote says,”Parents Are The Only One Who Go Through Dark Stormy Nights To Build A Long-lasting Bright Dawn For You..”.

This means that The best gift anyone gets in Life is ‘Parents’. They work hard only for Us. So always be Grateful to them for their Love & Care. Always Love & Respect them!

Doubt My Everything But Not ‘MY FRIENDSHIP’…!

Don't Doubt My Friendship..

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Quote Says,”Doubt My Everything But Not ‘MY FRIENDSHIP'”..

This means that If you get a Faithful Friend in your Life, never judge their Friendship. It’s lucky to have such a True Friend because Friendship is one of the best things in this World!

If I Give You My 100% And You Didn’t Then..

The Loss Is Yours...!

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Quote says,”If I Give You My 100%, And You Didn’t.. The Loss Is YOURS…!”.

This means that When you get Unconditional Love from someone & you aren’t Loyal to them, Then someday you will lose that Loyal person forever. This would definitely a ‘Great Loss’!

Don’t Run Behind Others In Search Of Love!


It's Sad To Know That..

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The Quote says,”It’s Sad To Know That People Run Behind Others In Search Of Love Which Can Be Found Enormous Within Themselves!”.

This means that Most of the people run behind others for Love & get disappointed when they get nothing in return. Instead of expecting Love from Others, why don’t They start loving Themselves?

That Small Space We Always Enter When We Are Left Alone..

That Small Space..

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The Quote says,”Agree Or Not, But We All Have That Small Space, We Always Enter, When We Are Left Alone!”.

This means that When sometimes people leave Us, When we are been isolated, or When we feel Heartbroken, We enter an Anonymous, Lonely world for a short time.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself Anymore..!!

Don't Underestimate Yourself Anymore!

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The Quote says,

“The Only Person Who Stays Constant From Your Birth Till Death Is… YOU. Don’t Underestimate Yourself Anymore”.

This means that Sometimes We make Ourself available for Everyone so much that We forget We too have a Life. Give time to Yourself too!

If You Can’t Inspire People Then Don’t Hurt Them..

If You Can't Inspire People Then Don't Hurt Them..

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The Quote says,

“You Are Here To Inspire People. If You Can’t Inspire Them, Then Don’t Hurt Them”.

This means that We all are been here to do Social Welfare. If We can’t be Kind towards People, We don’t have any Right to Hurt Them.