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That One Minute Of Silence Which Makes You To Meet The ‘Real You’!

Hello Friends! It’s been a long time since I’ve published My previous post Life Isn’t That Complicated If.. Here is the small article on the topic “That One Minute Of Silence Which Makes You To Meet The ‘Real You’!”. I’m going to write few lines below. Try to relate it with you!



“Imagine you are waiting for your train to arrive on the platform. Suddenly you come across the announcement that a fast express is going to pass by the platform. Instead of moving away & standing on the safe distance from the track, you move closer to it. After sometime, you hear the horn of fast express. While express races against the time, the dust showers over the platform & your vision goes blur…..and…STOP! You enter an anonymous world! Time stops & all you can listen is your inner voice, All you can see is the ‘Map of your Life’, and all you can feel are your Desires! For a while, everything stops & you meet the ‘Real You’! Soon you regain consciousness & continue living your Life. The express has already made it’s way too far & you are filled with Determination again!


Did you feel it? Were you lost somewhere while reading the above paragraph? Yes! you got that awesome feeling and that Feeling reminds all of us to work for Our Dreams.It’s that one minute of Silence which, completely changes you, which makes you meet the ‘Real You’..! You are been called here for a purpose & No one can replace you at any cost. Believe in Yourself & always continue your good work. You will fall many times, & all you have to do is ‘Rise Up’ every time you fall. Just trust your Dreams & never stop! Work little-little everyday till you achieve Large; till The Life of your Dreams becomes your ‘Real Life’! Create your Dream Life & be the ‘Real You’! Because, it’s all about ‘You’! Good Luck & Stay Blessed!

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10 Things You Must Do When You Are In Relationship!

If you haven’t done these 10 things yet then your Relationship is Incomplete!

  1. Greet them everyday with simple texts like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Night’!

That feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and read the text of your beloved partner no doubt makes your day, isn’t it?


2. Share even the smallest things without forgetting!

Those relationships work out well where both partners share everything. Things cannot be hidden for more time. So it’s always wiser to open up everything!


3. Support them through all their Struggles & Downs!

Never forget All their pain, struggle, challenges are yours. Never let them go through their Downs alone. Support them in all circumstances.


4. Keeping Promise makes you Wiser!

The one who can break promises can also easily break ‘Hearts’. Every time you break a promise takes you closer to the End. If you continue to break promises, your partner will soon lose faith in you!


5. Be like ‘Dog’, Stay ‘Loyal’!

Never forget how your partner loves you unconditionally, trusts you to infinity! A perfect relationship is where both partners give their 100% no matter what happens! Only an idiot will think of betraying them!

6. Just like you, their Friends too love them 100%!

Never make a situation where they will have to choose between their Friends and You. Let them equally manage between their Friends and You!


7. Let them be what they are!

Set your partner free from all commitments, rules and compromises. Let them be what they are. Let them be Original.


8. Family is Everything!

Let them give space to their Family too. You should never underestimate their love for their Family. Always remember Family stays Forever, Rest all is Temporary!


9.  Gift them that one special bouquet they deserve!

Always give them your Time, Trust and Love. Every time when they need you, be with them. They deserve to spend their rest of Life with you!


10. Add some Surprises to your Recipe!

Give them surprises on casual days  to express your Love. Anniversaries and Birthdays are always special but a sweet and small surprise on a random day is something they won’t even think of!

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Best Friend

She took my phone & while browsing, she opened ‘Hybrid Fonts’. After couple of seconds, she wrote…’I HATE HER’. 1 minute silence & I stared at her awfully. As she started telling her story, A cyclone entered my mind.. It was ‘FRIENDSHIP’!
I asked, “What is Friendship actually?” This conversation started between Me & My mind itself.. Actually BEST FRIEND is just a word, a simple word. We are the people who give it a meaning. For some people, it means ‘Pain’ & for some it means ‘Peace’. But for Me, ‘BEST FRIEND means LIFE’.. Friendship is beyond Relationship for Me. Maybe this is the only reason I fell in Love with my 1st Best Friend, of course, ‘ME’…!
People actually make weird conversations when they are actually hurt from inside. You can understand this if you observed them carefully.
Coming back to the story now. I listened to her story with Enthusiasm. After a couple of minutes filled with Silence, I asked her a simple question to comfort her…
Me: Which tests will I’ve to clear to become your ‘Friend’?
*Again a 1 minute silence*
She: Not a single one.. *pause* I don’t want a ‘Painful End’ again..
(Her reply totally shattered Me & I looked down in disguise. Looking at me again with a smile on her face..)
She: Anyways you don’t have to be My Friend… You’re already My Best Friend…! 🙂
Me: Same to you! 😉

P.S. It is a true story!

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