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Why Reading Books Is So Essential?

Hi everyone! Many of you might have enjoyed your vacations. Weddings, Travel, Treks, Movies, Games and many more things you might have enjoyed! I wonder if anyone of you have cultivated a new hobby like ‘Reading’? Yes! I’m talking about Books, Novels and Magazines which seem boring to you! There are many people who spend their entire day reading books of different genres. The most amazing fact is that, they don’t get bored with this and continue taking pleasure out of it!

Here are some reasons why you too should start loving books!


1.Improves General Knowledge 

You will find out many interesting facts about every topic possible like Animals, Humans, Birds, Environment, Life Hacks, Geography, History, News, Science and Technology etc. Once you start reading such informative books, you will gradually improve your observation and intelligence.

2.Teaches Morals of Life

Pick book of any genre you wish, it will definitely teach you something. You will find that every book has many necessary lessons which you must learn. You just have to read a book in order to learn ethics and morality. Reading Spiritual books is highly recommended!

3.Sharpens Your Imagination

Books not only entertain you but also sharpen your imagination. You will become restless once the book catches your heart. You will try to guess the ending of the book and in turn, you will end up with many new ideas which you can put in your Novel/Play etc.

4.Stays By Your Side Forever

Everyone except your Parents can leave you but not Books! Once you become a Reader, you will keep reading till the end. You will find yourself reading some or the other thing everyday! Books won’t leave your side. Just give them a try!

 5.Helps You in Writing

If you ought to be a Writer then Reading is MUST! Every Writer is a Reader first! It is because reading gives shape to your Writing. The more you read, the more you write! And this is how it works. Reading not only increases your Vocabulary but also fills you with Innovative Ideas.

 6.Motivates You during Hard Times

No matter how bad time it is, Books always have something to tell. They will motivate you, lift you and fill you with spirit and positivity  to achieve your Goals. Reading is the start of ‘Hope’ and you will notice this once you give a chance!

7.Costs Less But Helps More

Books don’t cost much; they are found everywhere at reasonable prices. But what they give you is more than you think. They become your ‘Best Friends’ and help you in every problem.

8.Asks for Nothing in Return

You get plenty of information for your projects, life hacks and messages to lead a positive life from books. Now what should you give in return? Nothing! Simply continue to read and improve yourself, this is why books came in this World!

9.Improves Vocabulary

Good Vocabulary is needed in many important aspects of Life like Interviews, Writing a Novel, Business Communication etc. Cheapest way to improve one’s vocabulary is by reading plenty of books.

10.Changes You Completely

Books will change you completely! You won’t be the same person anymore. You will be filled with Confidence, Inspiration, Patience, Hope etc. You will end up being a good human being for sure!

Finally now when you are aware of so many advantages of reading books, why don’t you just grab a book and start reading it?

What’s Next Topic To Pick?

Hi Friends! Last time I gave some useful tips on How To Start Writing A Poem? You may take a look if you haven’t read it earlier. Today I have come up with the most asked question you get after you have finished your book/poem/article. After enjoying a long break you might stick with this question. The question is “What’s next?” Not only beginners but also professional writers sometimes find themselves dumb at this point! Even I got stuck while writing this post and then I realized that this is needs to be shared amongst all! Never forget that a break for a Writer means END!

Here are some tips useful regarding our problem!

1. Dig up yourself completely.

Sometimes it happens that even though you are finished with your stuff, there’s something biting inside us. Your written stuff feels incomplete and now it needs a sequel! So now without even thinking for a second, search your Library (Mind) for a missing book (Topic)! I am sure you will start writing your next chapter soon!! 😉


2. World is a non-ending chapter!

Have you ever stopped your work and immediately went outdoors just for nothing. Yeah, I said for Nothing! The people living out there and the gossips travelling through everyone’s mind!! These people in rush, those animals playing, the flowers dancing with air, unspoken emotions, someone’s struggle, these all and many more examples like them can be your next topic. This world has got infinite stories to be told, just someone needs to write them down!


3.  Let’s be Original!

I know you didn’t get what I wrote, isn’t it? See it’s not compulsory to write Fiction every time. You can create your work with the true characters and with true incidents too. History is a subject where you need to have a deep knowledge. Yes you can work with your perspective but if you aren’t well prepared with history you can come some decades far. You can write regarding current issues/affairs.

Keep in mind that its again not mandatory to write about world. You can write biography of known people too. After all everyone has got a story. Lets be some personal here. Begin your work by writing about your parents. Let the world know how thankful you are to your parents. This stuff may or may not earn you money but will surely shower blessings on you for being grateful to your parents by writing about them!


4. Your Story is Your Message!

Have you heard about Anne Frank? She wrote a diary in an early age which is worth reading! Go get a copy! I insist to write at least a line about yourself a day. Yes you must write about yourself. It’s not about publicizing yourself but leaving a footprint behind. Write till the last day of your Life. Tell someone to publish your work after you die. Let the world know your story too. It will be inspiring for many people you can’t even think now!


“This World has got so many secrets to be reveled. All it needs is a Writer!” Shraddha Gore

Comment below with your valuable tips so that other Writosophers won’t have to ask, “What’s Next Topic To Pick?”

How To Start Writing A Poem?

  Hello Friends! Today I’ll let you know how to write Poems. Writing poems isn’t hard if you already own a ‘Hidden Writer’ within you. See friends, before you begin, I want to make you aware of some important things.

Here are some tips:

1. Select a topic which sounds nice to you.

Many people start writing their poem before selecting the topic. It makes your work difficult & time consuming. You need a good topic so that your poem will be worth reading! So, choose your topic carefully.

 2. Look for some Inspiration.

Before you start writing even a single line, you must be sure that you have came across a lot of vocabulary & you know how to make your stuff versatile. Pre-reading some books or articles/poems helps us with good reading as well as writing skills.

3. Concentrate on your Words.

Writers are alive because of their Words! You must have enough knowledge regarding your words which you are going to use. You must know how to reframe the sentences & where to put them! Your Grammar should be excellent.

4. Don’t go on Rhymes, go on the Message.

There is a misconception regarding Rhymes. Most of the people think Rhyming words are the Key of Poems. Alas, Its absolutely wrong!! (When I wrote my 1st poem at the age of 13, I filled it with rhyming words & nothing else. In the end I found It is meaningless & I had to throw it in the dustbin!)

5. Your poem shouldn’t advertise a Dictionary!!

I know you didn’t get what I wrote! (hehehe!!!) I wish to tell you that your poem should be clear to readers. You should write a poem with less words & more meaning. Don’t use very difficult words. Your poem should be compatible with reader’s basic grammar. If readers have to sit with a dictionary to read your poem, surely its your own loss.

6. First Line & Last Line is the Real Impression!

While writing a poem you will definitely notice that starting with the first line & framing the last line are most difficult jobs in the whole poem! Unfortunately, you have to work more for both of them because these two lines give more significance to your poem. Readers can’t remember your whole poem but they can easily remember your starting & ending line. So make sure you decorate both of them!

7. Last but not the Least!  

After you complete your poem, give it a beautiful title. Title shouldn’t be big. It should give readers some idea about your poem, but not whole message. It should be enough attractive that readers will read your whole poem thoroughly.

Here are the Examples

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