Friendship – Incomplete Experience Without A True Friend!

Hey Friends! I hope you all are doing well. Last time, we had discussion on ‘Should I Move On Or Hold On?’. In case you missed it, please have a look! Let’s have some talk on my favourite topic ‘Friendship'(Not again!). So what comes in your mind after you hear this word? Is it a group of friends enjoying trip? Or two friends secretly talking during lecture? Maybe you are thinking about your best friend(s)? Whatever it is, but I am sure you are enjoying these positive vibes!

Almost everyone has few gems known as ‘Real Friends’. We share the perfect bond with them and no matter how worst situation can become, We won’t leave them. This is what we all expect from other side too. You know what? The best part of friendship is that you will walk miles for them without even actually noticing those small efforts you did for them! I believe when you are true to your partner, you don’t need to prove your relation. I apply this to friendship too.

Now let’s try something different. Imagine your friend(s) walking away exactly during your hard time. When you needed them the most, they disappeared like they never existed before. Now you are on your own. You decide to break the back of the beast and eventually after few downfalls and shocks, you finally succeed! Your life is normal again but not you. Because you learnt a new lesson that not everyone who laughs with you in good time will stand behind you in bad time. You have no idea how far will you go with them.

This is probably everyone’s life lesson, isn’t it? But before you head to conclusion, let me tell you the other side of above story. You didn’t notice one significant person. There was this person who wiped your tears, who told you to try one more time, who fought with you. This person is none other than ‘You’! We almost forget the friend within ourselves. While we are busy taking care of others, we forget that even we are needed to be taken care of!

Trust me once you befriend yourself, no storm can break you. You are never alone if you actually feel the inner you. Your first cum true friend is ‘You’ because you are the only one who will not only witness your struggle but also will never leave your side. Friendship is possibly one of the beautiful experiences in life. Don’t ruin it by underestimating yourself. While you shower love on others, remember to sprinkle few drops on yourself too!

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‘Friendship – Incomplete Experience Without A True Friend!’


7 thoughts on “Friendship – Incomplete Experience Without A True Friend!”

  1. WOW. I really needed to read this right now. THANK YOU.
    Just a couple of days ago I ended a very long friendship because I realized that this person was treating me and my projects like an afterthought, and that though she paid lip-service to helping during hard times, her assistance would only go as far as some keyboard clicks; re-posting a fundraiser, for example, when I was almost evicted, but not donating even $5 (which she could have spared). That’s actually the pettiest of the examples..she also sabotaged more than one of my creative projects that were highly important to me.
    This post was wonderful and surprising. You’re right: I am the one person who always supports me when I am going through tough times. I am not always the kindest to myself, and I have tried to give up, but still, I’m here. I’m here with me through it all.

    Thank you…thank you..thank you…I’m sharing this post <3

  2. Great post, it’s exactly what I needed. I just let go from two of my friends, that I guess we could say they were toxic for me. I feel kind of bad now because I am alone, but I guess, knowing how to live on your own is a skill not a lot of people master. Hopefully, this ‘alone’ phase won’t last long, because it can still get a little bit boring.

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