I am Mediocre & I am proud of Myself!

Hello Friends! Today again I’ve got an interesting topic for us to discuss ‘I am Mediocre & I am proud of Myself!’. In case you missed the last discussion on Why Did You Leave Me?, have a look at it!

Are you ‘Mediocre’? Do you think you are an ordinary person who took birth just to pay bills or to work for 12 hours a day? Mediocre – An average person who is supposed to do his work on time, who has lost so-called ‘Life’ in his/her daily struggle to survive. Wait.. Survive? What for?? To tell your grandchildren how responsible you were during your working age!!

I’m  Mediocre & I accept it. What makes Me different from rest 7.4 Billion people is the way I decided to live. Yes, You read right! I don’t have Dreams; I have ‘Life Goals’. Goals which make Me feel alive, which make Me believe in Me, which motivate Me everyday. Out of 24 hours, I give 8 hours for Sleep, 10 for Work/Study/Travel, 1 for Family, 1 for Friends, and rest 4 hours are for Me. Whole day I have to be polite, gentle, courteous, well-mannered but in these 4 hours I meet the ‘Real Me’. This is the face I never show to world but yes, it exists! For some time, I don’t have to pretend how Good I am. I can do whatever I feel & no one can question Me about it! ( Everyone has their own idea of relieving! 🙂 )

I am Mediocre because I live a simple life, because I don’t plan for ‘Luxurious Life’; I plan for ‘Peaceful Life’. I don’t want to spend Life adding zeros (rightwards) to my Bank balance; I want to spend Life increasing value of ‘My Existence’. Yet, My Life is ideal one. How? It is because I reserve some time for Myself. Within that time, I think on My Life (I said ‘Think’ not ‘Overthink’! 😉 ), check whether I am on right path or not, look for Motivation and plan accordingly for My Goals. I cannot plan My Life but I can have as many plans I wish! I spend some time with My hobbies too. It’s necessary to give time to hobbies too because Hobbies make sure that you are simply not a ‘Skeleton’; you have ‘Life’ too!

I am sure there will be many people who are termed as ‘Mediocre’ and have no idea about their ‘Superpowers’! Next time onwards, if someone calls you ‘Mediocre’, be proud of yourself!

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‘I am Mediocre & I am proud of Myself!’

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One thought on “I am Mediocre & I am proud of Myself!”

  1. Good point! I think society definitely sells us a certain way to be, and lately it seems like there is soooo much self-optimization out there, it’s exhausting. Seems we forgot that we should just do what actually makes us happy!

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