I Wish To Become Myself!

I Wish To Become Myself (www.writosophy.com)

“Teacher asked 5th Grade Students,

“What do you want to become in future?”.

All replies were Engineer, Scientist, Doctor etc.

A little girl when asked replied,

“I wish to become Myself.”.

Everyone started laughing at the poor girl.

15 years later they finally realised She was right!”

This means that You must not run behind what everyone else is running for. You must always go for your passion no matter how small it may look.

‘Don’t Run For What Sounds You Best, Instead Run For What Suits You Best!’ 

One thought on “I Wish To Become Myself!”

  1. Learning who you are takes so much time. You will always end up becoming yourself, but the path to get there is as long or short as you make it.

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