New Year Resolution & Bicycle!

Only few hours are left for a new year to come! Many of us might have tasted success, faced failure, found new friends & simultaneously lost some of them, went through a heart breaking breakup, found someone special etc. So we are done with 2015 & still have much more to explore, right? This tape keeps on playing itself every year & we too go with the flow!

But now its time to make our own track. I am pretty sure you might have made a resolution for 2016,isn’t it? Lets work harder for it. You never know what next second may bring to you! We all have some hidden desire in us which constantly tries to come outside. But what do we do? We don’t pay much attention towards it. We keep on saying at every year-end, “I’ll do it next year!!” Genuinely, bring out that desire, work for it. It’s not about being successful, no not at all, it’s about how did you went through your obstacles, the way you gave your 100% . At the end if you succeed, you will be gratified. If you fail, you will have Experience.

‘Our Life is like a Bicycle where Hope is the pedal, troubles are the brakes & steering is the perspective. Your road will be difficult, you will have to go through brakes but if you balance yourself, you will surely reach your destination’. Don’t worry just keep on moving! 😉 You are here to inspire people, if you can’t inspire them, don’t hurt them. Every time you do a good work, you contribute to ‘Humanity’. No matter how worst its going on today, remember about ‘Bicycle’ & keep on going!!

Happy New Year 2016!!! May this year you do something different & achieve your goals. Keep spreading Love. Remember, World does not need Humans, it has got plenty of them; instead the World needs ‘Humanity’!!!

One thought on “New Year Resolution & Bicycle!”

  1. I think brakes are our protection and the holes in the road are the real trouble, we have to make it to the end

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