All This World Needs Is A ‘WRITER’..

All It Needs Is A 'Writer'.. (

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The Quote says,

“This World Has Got So Many Secrets & Stories, Now All It Needs Is A ‘Writer’ Who Will Reveal & Write Them Down..”.

This Quote is especially made for Writers. This means that only Writers can bring Revolution with their powerful Writing in this World. Writing can change anyone’s perspective!

Because You Know I’m Your Friend..

And if someday you feel intense Loneliness,

For you, I will put on the shower of Happiness;

I promise I won’t leave you till the end,

Because you know I’m your Friend!


And if someday you forget your Lyrics, your Euphony,

For you, I will start singing the best of My Melody;

I promise My Friendship will never descend,

Because you know I’m your Friend!


And if someday Agony is coming on your way,

And Grief has made you it’s prey;

Don’t worry, I’m always there to defend,

Because you know I’m your Friend!


And if someday you need a hug or a shoulder,

Trust Me, My Laughter is there to cheer;

For Me, you will always be special, the Godsend,

Because you know I’m your Friend!


And if someday you think that I’m a Cheater,

I’m pretty sure these words of Me you will remember;

“Friendship is the only thing I won’t have to pretend..”,

Because you know I’m your Friend!

(By Shraddha Gore)

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I Promise Because I’m Your ‘FRIEND’…!!

I'm Your Friend Anyways...!

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The Quote says,


No Matter How things Will Go Wrong,

And How People Will Turn Down..


To Be There For You Always…


I’m Your Friend Anyways… ūüôā ”

This Quote is made especially for Friendship Lovers! This means that a Loyal Friend never leaves your side, no matter what happens. They will protect you from all your Problems!

‘PARENTS’ Are The Only One Who Actually Do This For You…

Parents Are The Only One..

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Quote says,”Parents Are The Only One Who Go Through Dark Stormy Nights To Build A Long-lasting Bright Dawn For You..”.

This means that The best gift anyone gets in Life is ‘Parents’. They work hard only for Us. So always be Grateful to them for their Love & Care. Always Love & Respect them!

Doubt My Everything But Not ‘MY FRIENDSHIP’…!

Don't Doubt My Friendship..

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Quote Says,”Doubt My Everything But Not ‘MY FRIENDSHIP'”..

This means that If you get a Faithful Friend in your Life, never judge their Friendship. It’s lucky to have such a True Friend because Friendship is one of the best things in this World!

If I Give You My 100% And You Didn’t Then..

The Loss Is Yours...!

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Quote says,”If I Give You My 100%, And You Didn’t.. The Loss Is YOURS…!”.

This means that When you get Unconditional Love from someone & you aren’t Loyal to them, Then someday you will lose that Loyal person forever. This would definitely a ‘Great Loss’!

Don’t Run Behind Others In Search Of Love!


It's Sad To Know That..

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The Quote says,”It’s Sad To Know That People Run Behind Others In Search Of Love Which Can Be Found Enormous Within Themselves!”.

This means that Most of the people run behind others for Love & get disappointed¬†when they get nothing in return. Instead of expecting Love from Others, why don’t They start loving Themselves?

That Small Space We Always Enter When We Are Left Alone..

That Small Space..

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The Quote says,”Agree Or Not, But We All Have That Small Space, We Always Enter, When We Are Left Alone!”.

This means that When sometimes people leave Us, When we are been isolated, or When we feel Heartbroken, We enter an Anonymous, Lonely world for a short time.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself Anymore..!!

Don't Underestimate Yourself Anymore!

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The Quote says,

“The Only Person Who Stays Constant From Your Birth Till Death Is… YOU. Don’t Underestimate Yourself Anymore”.

This means that Sometimes We make Ourself available for Everyone so much that We forget We too have a Life. Give time to Yourself too!

If You Can’t Inspire People Then Don’t Hurt Them..

If You Can't Inspire People Then Don't Hurt Them..

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The Quote says,

“You Are Here To Inspire People. If You Can’t Inspire Them, Then Don’t Hurt Them”.

This means that We all are been here to do Social Welfare. If We can’t be Kind towards People, We don’t have any Right to Hurt Them.

Parents – Even The God Needs These ‘Gods’!

Hi Everyone! Today I will share my views regarding most important people which I should have discussed before! They are none other than ‘PARENTS!!! We all are so busy with our daily chores, running in the competition of Life to achieve success, making our career, enjoying with friends, finding soulmate etc. that sometimes we even forget our Parent’s presence!! Yes we love them a lot but it’s sad that we don’t have a couple of minutes to express our Love and Dignity towards them.

Each one of us had an amazing childhood just because of them. Remember how the World would used to seem so tiny when Dad used to lift you on his shoulders! You used to play throughout day and get tired at night; and then Mom used to make you fall asleep with her Lullaby! Even if someday you fell asleep without blanket, at morning, you would find yourself covered in blanket! Last piece of every delicious and tempting snack would be only your property! No happiness can replace those special moments we lived our childhood with Parents..

But now we have no time for them. We have become ‘Natural Robots’! Our parents need our time, our care; but they don’t ask us for it instead they too keep themselves busy in their schedule just because our Parents are ‘Understanding’! Did you ever notice their grey hairs, their wrinkles, their weakness? (Make Ups can’t hide Reality..). They might don’t say but they are exhausted. Still they worry for you, stay awake for hours till you reach home, make resources available for you. Parents are the only one who go through dark stormy nights to build a long-lasting bright dawn for you!

¬† Love your Parents not for what they are but for what you are today!¬†Give them your time, accompany them, respect them. Always be aware of the fact that¬†‘Friends are Temporary, Family stays FOREVER!’¬†Some people truly understand their Parent’s value only when they find their Parent’s chair empty. If you have Parents, you have God’s blessings with you. Once you lose your Parents, you lose the Map of your Journey!¬†Someday you too will become Parent and will understand what it takes to be a responsible and loving Parent! God bless you and your Parents too!

Comment your views regarding-¬†Parents – Even The God Needs These ‘Gods’! in the comments section below!

Understanding The Change

Hello Friends! Today I have got a very usual topic. It’s ‘CHANGE’! Change whether good or bad, quick or gradual, drastic or mild, a Change is a Change! We always say that people change. Yeah, you are right, people change; but how? and for what? I mean exactly how? Did you ask this question to yourself once in a lifetime? Strangers suddenly start feeling like well-wishers and sometimes our well-wishers are felt like strangers!

We all point finger towards people who have changed but we never take a single effort to find out what’s the actual problem! We must understand that “Every story has a character and every character has its own story”. People tend to change because of the situation. Sometimes there’s no other option left for them other than Change. A good change will enrich not only our Life but also will enrich other’s too.

We all are aware of the phrase “Every Coin has Two Sides”, just like that there are two sides of any change. Let us consider the change is emotional change. We will start with the individual who has changed first then we will head towards the affected people. There’s a reason I’m telling this to you and that reason is ‘Lack of Understanding the Situation of Other Side’!


 Here We Start:


I’m a typical person who has changed from a few days. I have isolated myself. I have kept distance from those people who hate Me. The question is Am I happy? If yes, I am on the right path and if not, then it’s all messed up! The most important thing is My Happiness. Maybe people won’t adore Me now, or they have no space left for Me, but I have taken a right decision. My decision should not be meant to hurt other people especially if they aren’t the Culprit. (Keep My Words in your Mind before you take a big decision.)


I’m the victim of your change. I will judge Myself and I will start searching for the mistakes I may have done which maybe the reason behind your change. If My mistakes are the reason, I’m ready to suffer and will try My best to give you Justice. But if it’s not My mistake then sorry, but you have no right to treat Me like a Criminal!


This is how two sides must think! There’s no point in blaming each other. We need a big change in our Ideas. Understanding others may not help in achieving our Goals but it will definitely help in ‘Winning their Hearts’! ¬†Let’s from today start understanding others¬†“Because We live in a world where people are not under-stand-able instead people stand-under-table!”

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Since I’ve Been Started Loving Myself…!

Since I’ve been started loving Myself,

I’ve never ever before felt the same;

Everyday seems like an amusing playlist,

Where melody is being played on repeat!


Drama, Commitments, Cries are thrown out,

“Is she heartless?”, behind Me people doubt;

Since it’s just being the Real Me,

I’ve far away left the intense agony!


At last I realized, even though its late,

That somehow people are going to walk away;

So why should I carry my pain everywhere?

Especially when I’ve got Myself on Fire!


I’ve never wore mask just like others,

So never judge Me because of all rumours;

I won’t need to prove Myself anymore,

Instead I’ve got much more to explore!


Admit or not, but you too will fall for you,

Unless, you don’t start exploring the New in You;

And someday you too will learn it yourself,

What all it takes to love Ourself!

(By Shraddha Gore)

What’s Next Topic To Pick?

Hi Friends! Last time I gave some useful tips on¬†How To Start Writing A Poem?¬†You may take a look if you haven’t read it earlier. Today I have come up with the most asked question you get after you have finished your book/poem/article. After enjoying a long break you might stick with this question. The question is “What’s next?” Not only beginners but also professional writers sometimes find themselves dumb at this point! Even I got stuck while writing this post and then I realized that this is needs to be shared amongst all! Never forget that a break for a Writer means¬†END!

Here are some tips useful regarding our problem!

1. Dig up yourself completely.

Sometimes it happens that even though you are finished with your stuff, there’s something biting inside us. Your written stuff feels incomplete and now it needs a sequel! So now without even thinking for a second, search your Library (Mind) for a missing book (Topic)! I am sure you will start writing your next chapter soon!! ūüėČ


2. World is a non-ending chapter!

Have you ever stopped your work and immediately went outdoors just for nothing. Yeah, I said for Nothing! The people living out there and the gossips travelling through everyone’s mind!! These people in rush, those animals playing, the flowers dancing with air, unspoken emotions, someone’s struggle, these all and many more examples like them can be your next topic. This world has got infinite stories to be told, just someone needs to write them down!


3. ¬†Let’s be Original!

I know you didn’t get what I wrote, isn’t it? See it’s not compulsory to write Fiction every time. You can create your work with the true characters and with true incidents too. History is a subject where you need to have a deep knowledge. Yes you can work with your perspective but if you aren’t well prepared with history you can come some decades far. You can write regarding current issues/affairs.

Keep in mind that its again not mandatory to write about world. You can write biography of known people too. After all everyone has got a story. Lets be some personal here. Begin your work by writing about your parents. Let the world know how thankful you are to your parents. This stuff may or may not earn you money but will surely shower blessings on you for being grateful to your parents by writing about them!


4. Your Story is Your Message!

Have you heard about Anne Frank? She wrote a diary in an early age which is worth reading! Go get a copy!¬†I insist to write at least a line about yourself a day. Yes you must write about yourself. It’s not about publicizing yourself but leaving a footprint behind. Write till the last day of your Life. Tell someone to publish your work after you die. Let the world know your story too. It will be inspiring for many people you can’t even think now!


“This World has got so many secrets to be reveled. All it needs is a Writer!”¬†Shraddha Gore

Comment below with your valuable tips so that other Writosophers won’t have to ask, “What’s Next Topic To Pick?”

Write, Share, Inspire..