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That One Minute Of Silence Which Makes You To Meet The ‘Real You’!

Hello Friends! It’s been a long time since I’ve published My previous post Life Isn’t That Complicated If.. Here is the small article on the topic “That One Minute Of Silence Which Makes You To Meet The ‘Real You’!”. I’m going to write few lines below. Try to relate it with you!



“Imagine you are waiting for your train to arrive on the platform. Suddenly you come across the announcement that a fast express is going to pass by the platform. Instead of moving away & standing on the safe distance from the track, you move closer to it. After sometime, you hear the horn of fast express. While express races against the time, the dust showers over the platform & your vision goes blur…..and…STOP! You enter an anonymous world! Time stops & all you can listen is your inner voice, All you can see is the ‘Map of your Life’, and all you can feel are your Desires! For a while, everything stops & you meet the ‘Real You’! Soon you regain consciousness & continue living your Life. The express has already made it’s way too far & you are filled with Determination again!


Did you feel it? Were you lost somewhere while reading the above paragraph? Yes! you got that awesome feeling and that Feeling reminds all of us to work for Our Dreams.It’s that one minute of Silence which, completely changes you, which makes you meet the ‘Real You’..! You are been called here for a purpose & No one can replace you at any cost. Believe in Yourself & always continue your good work. You will fall many times, & all you have to do is ‘Rise Up’ every time you fall. Just trust your Dreams & never stop! Work little-little everyday till you achieve Large; till The Life of your Dreams becomes your ‘Real Life’! Create your Dream Life & be the ‘Real You’! Because, it’s all about ‘You’! Good Luck & Stay Blessed!

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