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Searching For A ‘Good Person’?

Good Person (www.writosophy.com)

“Everyone in the crowd was looking

for the so called “Good Person”.

The sad part of the story is,

None of them explored themselves

and struggled to become one!”.

This means that Everyone including us complain every time for not having a ‘Good Person’ in our life but none of us is ready to accept our faults, change and struggle to become ‘Good Person’ in other’s life!

Understanding The Change

Hello Friends! Today I have got a very usual topic. It’s ‘CHANGE’! Change whether good or bad, quick or gradual, drastic or mild, a Change is a Change! We always say that people change. Yeah, you are right, people change; but how? and for what? I mean exactly how? Did you ask this question to yourself once in a lifetime? Strangers suddenly start feeling like well-wishers and sometimes our well-wishers are felt like strangers!

We all point finger towards people who have changed but we never take a single effort to find out what’s the actual problem! We must understand that “Every story has a character and every character has its own story”. People tend to change because of the situation. Sometimes there’s no other option left for them other than Change. A good change will enrich not only our Life but also will enrich other’s too.

We all are aware of the phrase “Every Coin has Two Sides”, just like that there are two sides of any change. Let us consider the change is emotional change. We will start with the individual who has changed first then we will head towards the affected people. There’s a reason I’m telling this to you and that reason is ‘Lack of Understanding the Situation of Other Side’!


 Here We Start:


I’m a typical person who has changed from a few days. I have isolated myself. I have kept distance from those people who hate Me. The question is Am I happy? If yes, I am on the right path and if not, then it’s all messed up! The most important thing is My Happiness. Maybe people won’t adore Me now, or they have no space left for Me, but I have taken a right decision. My decision should not be meant to hurt other people especially if they aren’t the Culprit. (Keep My Words in your Mind before you take a big decision.)


I’m the victim of your change. I will judge Myself and I will start searching for the mistakes I may have done which maybe the reason behind your change. If My mistakes are the reason, I’m ready to suffer and will try My best to give you Justice. But if it’s not My mistake then sorry, but you have no right to treat Me like a Criminal!


This is how two sides must think! There’s no point in blaming each other. We need a big change in our Ideas. Understanding others may not help in achieving our Goals but it will definitely help in ‘Winning their Hearts’!  Let’s from today start understanding others “Because We live in a world where people are not under-stand-able instead people stand-under-table!”

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