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Should I Start Over Again? [Personal Experience]

Sharing a personal experience: 

Hi Friends! It’s been a long time since I published my last article Why Reading Books Is So Essential? . Meanwhile I was working on My Dream (I will share with you once I finish! 😉 ). I thought I was near to success. I will just have to complete few formalities and its done! 🙂 But I was wrong, I had no idea about the gift tomorrow had for me! Suddenly, I realized Success is too far, I’ve just started! It felt like I was building a house of cards and as I was about to place the last card, all of a sudden air blew and I was back to square one!

I had no idea regarding further steps. For some days, I took a break from writing and instead of crying over failure I started enjoying it! I learnt that ‘Sometimes Failure Itself Is The Best Motivation’. I was trapped with only one question, “Should I start over again?”. Finally my heart gave me the correct answer.

“You have only one option left i.e. Start over again! You had worked hard for months and you have tasted failure many times. After failing, You can start many times but you can quit only once. If you quit now, believe me you will die everyday! You crossed half road, won’t you walk another half for yourself? The more you fail, the more you grow. Do you remember your dream? It isn’t an ordinary dream which you can see with your closed eyes, it is an unbelievable dream you can see only with your awake heart! So…When are we starting?”

After all how can I waste my efforts? I strongly believe that  ‘Our Heart Has Answers Of Our All Questions!’ and so I’ve started a new start! I’m ready for another failure. Who knows if I encounter Success this time! I’ve learnt much more from failure and time has come to start with motivation again! I’ll soon post a new quote related to this article, till then have a look at existing Quotes!

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