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Should I Move On Or Hold On?

Hey Friends! I hope you all are doing well. Last time, we had discussion on ‘Best Friend – An Emotion!’. In case you missed it, please have a look! Finally after many days I got time for Writosophy. Hence, I decided to write an article. Let’s not waste time and proceed towards our today’s topic ‘Should I Move On Or Hold On?’. I am sure you might have asked this question to yourself at least once till the date. Personally I have encountered with such situation many times! You know what? We all are playing the same game, but with different levels!

Let me tell you the fact that ‘Moving On’ is hard but ‘Holding On’ is much painful! You will never really win the battle between heart and mind while you hold on. They both will continue to fight and eventually it will be the loss of your soul! Not always you have to listen to your heart. Trust me, you will die daily if you hold on. You will never move on. Holding on feels like standing on railway platform but waiting for a flight! Sometimes you have to accept the reality and move on. There’s no point of “If I could have” things in Life because Life will never bring your past back.

Want to hear benefits of moving on? 😉 Moving on feels like a new birth. It doesn’t hurt anymore. You have no time to recall past, you are simply focused on the betterment of future. Moving on is amazing. How? Let’s take an example, You see them (you know whom I’m talking about! 😉 ) maybe at friend’s party or at the office or at any other public places. What will you do now? Should you leave the place? Or should you ignore them? Wait! You can show them who’s the real boss! You will have such rubbish thoughts running in your mind!

But when you actually move on,

You don’t hesitate to smile at them. You ask them how they are doing. You treat them like an old friend.

Believe me if you treat them as stranger, you haven’t moved on yet!

I agree that it takes few days, few months or few years to move on. But once you have climbed this mountain, the scenery you will find at the top will be worth of it! Time never waits for anyone, so does Life. When Life gives you a pause, make sure it’s not a full stop; it’s just a comma!

I hope now you will correctly answer our today’s question ‘Should I Move On Or Hold On?’! Enjoy your Life. Stay blessed and spread the smile! 🙂

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‘’Should I Move On Or Hold On?’



Why Did You Leave Me?

Hello Writosophers!

Hope you all are doing well. Last time we had discussion over topic A Letter From A Known Stranger…! In case you missed it, have a look! Our today’s topic ‘Why Did You Leave Me?’ is the most common scenario which takes place in our Life. Everyone among us has faced this ‘Storm’ and somehow with the help of our Friend ‘Time’ we have managed to survive.

Life itself is a ‘Tragedy’! We meet many people, few become our ‘Loved Ones’. We spend the most beautiful moments with them and it feels like We are in Heaven! Seriously, We spend some time in bliss and then again, Life happens! Misunderstandings are the root of Breakups. Once your relation encounters with misunderstandings, gradually everything starts changing. The so-called ‘Heaven’ turns into ‘Hell’! After a few arguments, fights, complaints, Life opens the ‘Exit’!

They had done and they left us. So what should I do now? It’s easy, simply wave them a ‘Goodbye’! You have to Move On and unfortunately there’s no shortcut for it. I agree it’s the hardest phase of Life, but it’s worth. Throughout our Life, Many people leave us, We leave many; but nothing changes! How can you expect having ‘Permanent People’ in your ‘Temporary Life’? People will enter your Life and at some point, they will leave you. You have to get habitual to this cycle and continue leading your  Life. Don’t waste your time explaining yourself, no one really cares! (Personally, I never explain Myself! 😉 )

Yes you must try to save your relations. But you should not lose your Self Respect. If your partner or friend has no intentions to stay in your Life, you have no right to stop them. Spending some time alone and finding out what you really need is the best remedy for every problem. Also admit the fact that it’s completely alright to lose people,because  this is how we grow up! Take this experience as blessings and move on. Stay blessed and spread the Smile! 🙂

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‘Why Did You Leave Me?’

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Life Simply Keeps Going On!

Life Simply Keeps Going On! (www.writosophy.com)

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Quote says,

“I realised that I was stupid
when I wanted to balance my Life.
So I learnt a new lesson that,
I will have to go through
Ups & Downs all at the same time.
Maybe I will have to shed few tears
and dance out of joy at the same time.
I cannot control happenings but
Life simply keeps going on!”

It means that it’s not necessary what you plan will happen in reality. You may  have a tough time or you may be you will taste happiness. So stop worrying about consequences and keep on going! Just enjoy your Life!

It’s The Perfect Time To Find Yourself!!

When all the doors have been closed,

All the lights have been turned off;

Where nobody is around you to help,

It’s the Perfect Time to find Yourself!


Pause the pain, Listen to the voice,

The one inside you, the soul, the wise;

Now resume & lead your Life itself,

It’s the Perfect Time to find Yourself!


This one is your struggle, your destiny,

Don’t let the fate write your story;

Hold the pen & create ‘Mighty Thyself’,

It’s the Perfect Time to find Yourself!


Keep calm & crush the eternal fear,

Blow away the world with your desire;

Realize, One has to fight for oneself,

It’s the Perfect Time to find Yourself!


Get ready for this amazing adventure,

Its your life, your novel, my dear Writer…!

This gonna be written only by ourself,

It’s the Perfect Time to find Yourself!

(By Shraddha Gore)