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The Other Side Of Love’s Story!

Hello my dear friends! How’s it going? I hope all of you are doing well. Do you guys remember our last discussion? It was ‘Friendship – Incomplete Experience Without A True Friend!’. In case you missed it, have a look. Well, our today’s topic is everyone’s favourite. Everyone certainly has something to tell on this topic. You have felt it at least once in a lifetime. It can be your eternal power but can also be your greatest weakness. Alright, it’s Love!

Since childhood I have come across one phrase. It states, “You too will fall in love someday. You cannot save yourself from Love but if you welcome it, you will survive this disaster too!” So I believe it is inevitable. Everyone falls in love sooner or later. Everyone defines it in their own way. While few say, “It is the best feeling in the world!” some say, “It is another form of Suicide!”. For some it is their purpose of life, and for some it doesn’t even exist!

For me, Love is ‘Honesty’. You have to be honest with someone for loving them. If you aren’t honest, you aren’t in love. It is present in everyone. Family, Friendship, Relationship and Humanity all are connected with this one single bond. It comes in all shapes, sizes and in all forms. It is when your parents call you now and then just to ensure your safety. It is when your friend helps you in completing notes when you missed classes due to fever. It is when your partner had as many as reasons to leave you but didn’t.

We talk about ‘Love Stories’ but now let me tell you other side of ‘Love’s Story’. When we talk about it, it is always presumed that we are talking about couples. We often forget it’s origin which is none other than ‘Parents’. They begin loving you even before your birth. It has nothing to do with your relationship status because you do share a special bond with your parents and friends. You are already loving them. We all are in love with some(one) or some(thing) which takes us far away from this world, which makes us more strong and capable every passing day, which tells us why were we born.

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‘The Other Side Of Love’s Story!’

5 Most Uncommon Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2017!

Hi everyone!

I am glad to announce that I have added a new category ( Lifestyle) to Writosophy. Well this is my first post in Lifestyle. I hope you will give the same love and support to this category too! By the way, Valentine’s Day is approaching. You are in safe zone if you have already decided what are you going to gift them. But if you haven’t, then you must decide it now. Once you are late, you are going to select any common gift. I bet you will! You will end up buying chocolates, wrist-watch, some sort of clothing , gift cards etc.

Don’t you wish to gift something which is extra-ordinary yet amazing? Something which is cost-effective yet long-lasting? Something which will make them remind of your love? If yes, then you are at right place. I have shortlisted 5 most uncommon gifts ideas you will never regret! Believe me, this gonna work. 😉

1. Sehaz Artworks Life A Journey Wood Photo Album


What’s special in a photo album? Well you don’t find photographs in photo album, you find memories in it. Give your valentine a chance to relive all those memories which faded with time. Let them enjoy their priceless moments and jump in the sea of nostalgia. Believe me, they will think of you while opening this photo album! 🙂

Find it here,

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2. Anna Andre Paris Numero Perfume

Perfume? Yes, gift them this aromatic perfume. It’s fragrance has a unique alluring character with a warm sensual trace of Vanilla. This small bottle is full of magic and fantasy. They will use this perfume for special occasions. No doubt they are going to love this. Get ready to find yourself in their fragrant thoughts now! 😉

Find it here,

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3. Selected Poems by Gulzar

Everyone knows Gulzar Sir, Am I right? He counts in the India’s finest film-makers and lyricists. His poetry can steal anyone’s heart! This collection contains both the original Hindi poems and their translations which is an absolute treat! If your valentine is a book lover or loves poetry, then gifting them this book will make your Valentine’s day perfect!

Find it here,

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4. Futaba Japanese Sakura Bonsai Seeds Tree Seeds


Forget flowers & bouquets! They won’t last long. Gift your valentine Bonsai tree seads and bring out the Gardener inside them! Why Bonsai tree? Because Bonsai tree represents peace, balance and harmony. Once they start with plantation, they will automatically love the growing process. If you want to bloom your relation, then go for it! 😉

Find it here,

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5. The Crazy Me A5 Diary 


Here comes my favourite gift! If you want to take your relationship to next level then this you should present this gift. Buy 2 diaries and present your valentine 1 diary. Now you and your valentine has to write diary everyday without missing a single day. Boring? Here comes the most interesting part. On next Valentine’s Day, exchange your diaries! This is a slow process but will surely bring you closer to them.

Find it here,

Amazon  Snapdeal  Flipkart

This was the end of my shortlisted 5 uncommon gift ideas. It’s not important how expensive gift you buy, what’s important is how your gift conveys your feelings! Gift your valentine one of these gift(s) and let me know your their reaction on these uncommon gifts. 😉

10 Things You Must Do When You Are In Relationship!

If you haven’t done these 10 things yet then your Relationship is Incomplete!

  1. Greet them everyday with simple texts like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Night’!

That feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and read the text of your beloved partner no doubt makes your day, isn’t it?


2. Share even the smallest things without forgetting!

Those relationships work out well where both partners share everything. Things cannot be hidden for more time. So it’s always wiser to open up everything!


3. Support them through all their Struggles & Downs!

Never forget All their pain, struggle, challenges are yours. Never let them go through their Downs alone. Support them in all circumstances.


4. Keeping Promise makes you Wiser!

The one who can break promises can also easily break ‘Hearts’. Every time you break a promise takes you closer to the End. If you continue to break promises, your partner will soon lose faith in you!


5. Be like ‘Dog’, Stay ‘Loyal’!

Never forget how your partner loves you unconditionally, trusts you to infinity! A perfect relationship is where both partners give their 100% no matter what happens! Only an idiot will think of betraying them!

6. Just like you, their Friends too love them 100%!

Never make a situation where they will have to choose between their Friends and You. Let them equally manage between their Friends and You!


7. Let them be what they are!

Set your partner free from all commitments, rules and compromises. Let them be what they are. Let them be Original.


8. Family is Everything!

Let them give space to their Family too. You should never underestimate their love for their Family. Always remember Family stays Forever, Rest all is Temporary!


9.  Gift them that one special bouquet they deserve!

Always give them your Time, Trust and Love. Every time when they need you, be with them. They deserve to spend their rest of Life with you!


10. Add some Surprises to your Recipe!

Give them surprises on casual days  to express your Love. Anniversaries and Birthdays are always special but a sweet and small surprise on a random day is something they won’t even think of!

(Image Credits: stokpic.com)