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A Must Read Letter For Each And Every Individual!

Hello friends hope you all are doing well! I very well know that I am not active on Writosophy since few months. So I am writing this post cum letter in case you missed me. You know that I always talk about Friendship, Self-improvement, Passion, Humanity and sometimes Love too! Well now tell me what’s common in them? You might think that these are interesting topics so I select them or maybe I don’t have nothing to say! Well that’s not true. If you are a good observer, then you might have found out that I always talk in a positive manner. Read each and every post if you think that I am lying.

Well because I want all of you to be filled with positivity and energy to turn impossible into possible. I want every one of you to believe in yourself. My voice cannot reach up to each and every person I believe must listen. Moreover, I am not someone great. I am just an average person among 7.5 billion people in this world. I am just a simple voice trying to connect with your heart by writing few sentences. But I am different. Different just like you!

Today I find many people wearing a mask. I find many people hiding their true self. I find many people pretending to be someone they are not. Maybe you too are one of them! Please don’t be. You are priceless. Turn your passion into full-time job. And if you can’t, at least give it some time every weekend. You are here for doing something special that no one can do except yourself. If you don’t do this, then you are lost my friend, you are lost! Just give one chance to yourself and see how life smiles at you!

Don’t forget to smile even in tough times. Be positive and let the time pass. We all have problems. And unfortunately we cannot escape from them. Let the tough times make you stronger. This is the way life works! Accept the truth and deal with situation. Don’t try to fool yourself by giving lame excuses. Because my friend, no matter how hard you try, you cannot fool yourself! All your questions shall be answered someday. For now just be patient!

Wondering why I wanted you to read this letter? Because we are humans. Together we can change this world and bring back lost humanity. Because only love can keep us bonded and help us in finding right way. I will share many things in upcoming posts so stay tuned. Till then take care and spread the smile. 🙂

Should I Move On Or Hold On?

Hey Friends! I hope you all are doing well. Last time, we had discussion on ‘Best Friend – An Emotion!’. In case you missed it, please have a look! Finally after many days I got time for Writosophy. Hence, I decided to write an article. Let’s not waste time and proceed towards our today’s topic ‘Should I Move On Or Hold On?’. I am sure you might have asked this question to yourself at least once till the date. Personally I have encountered with such situation many times! You know what? We all are playing the same game, but with different levels!

Let me tell you the fact that ‘Moving On’ is hard but ‘Holding On’ is much painful! You will never really win the battle between heart and mind while you hold on. They both will continue to fight and eventually it will be the loss of your soul! Not always you have to listen to your heart. Trust me, you will die daily if you hold on. You will never move on. Holding on feels like standing on railway platform but waiting for a flight! Sometimes you have to accept the reality and move on. There’s no point of “If I could have” things in Life because Life will never bring your past back.

Want to hear benefits of moving on? 😉 Moving on feels like a new birth. It doesn’t hurt anymore. You have no time to recall past, you are simply focused on the betterment of future. Moving on is amazing. How? Let’s take an example, You see them (you know whom I’m talking about! 😉 ) maybe at friend’s party or at the office or at any other public places. What will you do now? Should you leave the place? Or should you ignore them? Wait! You can show them who’s the real boss! You will have such rubbish thoughts running in your mind!

But when you actually move on,

You don’t hesitate to smile at them. You ask them how they are doing. You treat them like an old friend.

Believe me if you treat them as stranger, you haven’t moved on yet!

I agree that it takes few days, few months or few years to move on. But once you have climbed this mountain, the scenery you will find at the top will be worth of it! Time never waits for anyone, so does Life. When Life gives you a pause, make sure it’s not a full stop; it’s just a comma!

I hope now you will correctly answer our today’s question ‘Should I Move On Or Hold On?’! Enjoy your Life. Stay blessed and spread the smile! 🙂

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‘’Should I Move On Or Hold On?’



When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”

Hi Friends! Remember last time we had discussion on topic ‘Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask!’. For today our topic is ‘When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”‘.  This happens with everyone. You give your 100% and end up with the statement, “What did you do for Me?”(Yes, It hurts!). And guess what happens next? We keep blaming ourselves in spite of being honest! Stop it guys! It’s totally alright. After you waste your time & efforts on deceitful people, You don’t leave bare handed, instead you learn a ‘New Lesson’ & that lesson says, “Don’t repeat your Mistake!”

It’s not compulsory that they will give you back what you gave them! Always remember ‘If You Do It With Your Whole Heart And Still Get Offended, It’s Not Your Fault Anymore, It’s Theirs!’.  All you have to do is ‘Move On’ and never look back. Yes, I accept the fact that Moving On isn’t easy, but did you ever think If you can waste your efforts on people who don’t deserve you, then how much efforts can you take to see the ‘New Better You’? Personally what I believe is ‘Your Life Is A Story For Others, Make Sure It’s Quite Inspiring!’ .  Yes you were alone and unfortunately no one took your side! This is because ‘Buddy You are enough Strong to handle this Crap!’. You don’t have to prove yourself if you didn’t fake even 0.001%!

Never blame yourself for trusting untruthful people. It wasn’t a mistake at all. You did good for people who don’t deserve you & this is nothing but your Kindness! This is Kindness because you did with your ‘Heart’  and not with ‘Mind’! Note down your Mistakes(Every time a Relation fails, both sides are responsible!) & never repeat them. While moving on, everyday would be ‘Struggle’ but once you have moved on, you will meet the ‘New You’ & believe Me, you will Love yourself!

So next time when someone asks you, “What you have done for Me?”, Smile & reply, “What I could have done for Myself instead!” I hope you move on soon & stay blessed! 😉

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‘When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”‘


Understanding The Change

Hello Friends! Today I have got a very usual topic. It’s ‘CHANGE’! Change whether good or bad, quick or gradual, drastic or mild, a Change is a Change! We always say that people change. Yeah, you are right, people change; but how? and for what? I mean exactly how? Did you ask this question to yourself once in a lifetime? Strangers suddenly start feeling like well-wishers and sometimes our well-wishers are felt like strangers!

We all point finger towards people who have changed but we never take a single effort to find out what’s the actual problem! We must understand that “Every story has a character and every character has its own story”. People tend to change because of the situation. Sometimes there’s no other option left for them other than Change. A good change will enrich not only our Life but also will enrich other’s too.

We all are aware of the phrase “Every Coin has Two Sides”, just like that there are two sides of any change. Let us consider the change is emotional change. We will start with the individual who has changed first then we will head towards the affected people. There’s a reason I’m telling this to you and that reason is ‘Lack of Understanding the Situation of Other Side’!


 Here We Start:


I’m a typical person who has changed from a few days. I have isolated myself. I have kept distance from those people who hate Me. The question is Am I happy? If yes, I am on the right path and if not, then it’s all messed up! The most important thing is My Happiness. Maybe people won’t adore Me now, or they have no space left for Me, but I have taken a right decision. My decision should not be meant to hurt other people especially if they aren’t the Culprit. (Keep My Words in your Mind before you take a big decision.)


I’m the victim of your change. I will judge Myself and I will start searching for the mistakes I may have done which maybe the reason behind your change. If My mistakes are the reason, I’m ready to suffer and will try My best to give you Justice. But if it’s not My mistake then sorry, but you have no right to treat Me like a Criminal!


This is how two sides must think! There’s no point in blaming each other. We need a big change in our Ideas. Understanding others may not help in achieving our Goals but it will definitely help in ‘Winning their Hearts’!  Let’s from today start understanding others “Because We live in a world where people are not under-stand-able instead people stand-under-table!”

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Friendship -Do You Have Friends For Life?

Hi Friends! Today I will be sharing my views regarding my most favourite topic ever! Any guesses? Let me give you a hint. This is such a relation where you don’t at all need to be Perfect! Most of you might be still wondering what is it exactly! I hope some of you might be successful guessers! It’s none other than ‘FRIENDSHIP’!!! Did you guess this?

No one in this world or in another world can live without Friends! Certainly not!! How amazing is this, God sends some strangers in our Life & we get attached to them like a Glue stuck to a paper! You are enough lucky to thank God because he blessed you with those Friends who never left your side and never let you feel Alone! (I am one of those Lucky people!) Did you even wonder what would you have done without such Idiots?

We call literally every colleague as our Friend, isn’t it? But not every other person is a Friend in reality. For Me, a Friend is a person who will take you higher and higher, who will claim that you are their possession, who will take all your problems to their side, who maybe not enough lucky to meet you every single day but remembers you every now and then, who will stay Loyal to you forever (and genuinely forever means forever!!), not only who will support you in front but also at your back! Now you might be thinking how long is this requirement! But admit it, you were constantly thinking about your Friends who can satisfy these requirements, isn’t it? (Don’t lie to yourself!) Might be you are satisfied with your Friends and might not be! If you are grateful to have such adorable Friends, seriously buddy, you have got Everything!

If not, don’t worry at all! God is so great that you will get good things when you need them! Everyone of us have to go through Betrayal, Heartbreaks, Loneliness etc. But don’t be so quick to judge them. Maybe it’s just an illusion and soon you are going to meet the ‘New Them’! Every person is good but if they aren’t so good with you, you have Choice to select your Friends. After all it’s your Life! Just make sure while you are busy enlightening your Life, No other Life goes through Dark!

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