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Reminder to Self:


The Quote says,

“Whenever you waste time,

You miss opportunity

to improve skill set,

learn new things,

acquire knowledge,

and add new experience.

You delay the success.

Even if clock stops,

time doesn’t give fuck.”



Do not unnecessarily waste your time. Even if you win one battle, remember there are uncountable such battles  to win. Take breaks but don’t break resolutions.


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Dream It, Plan It and Do It

When we see anyone achieving their goals, it certainly reminds us of our goals. Rather than working on them, we waste our time by simply thinking about them. Thinking alone will not get you there. Stop waiting for opportunity and create one. Success won’t come to you if you don’t go for hardwork.

Everybody dreams but not everybody achieves. As I already said that thinking alone is not enough. There are two more steps: Plan it and Do it. Therefore, the rule to accomplish your dreams is:

Dream It, Plan It and Do It


Dream It:

You should have a vision for your life. You should have a dream. Dream big and never think of having short-term goals. Identify your talent and passion. What makes you different from the rest? Where do you see yourself when you close eyes? What makes you hungry for success? Clear vision is important my friend! Create a title for yourself.


Plan It:

Having a goal is just the first step of nothing! Goals are just wishes if you don’t assign them timeline. Find out the steps and activities of your dream journey. Lay down the process . Often there are multiple ways to reach any destination but go for the best one. Best doesn’t mean shortcuts. Best means the one where you will learn more and get experience as much as you can.


Do It:

Now it’s time for the action! Try to implement what you learnt while planning. Don’t worry if you are too slow, Worry when you are about to quit. Never quit, I repeat never! You will fail many times but how many times do you get up and work counts! Hard-work and patience will bring you close to your destiny. If not now, then someday! Believe in yourself. No one becomes successful overnight. Seize the moment and make most of everyday.

Finally, do not be pressured into doing something because someone else wants you to do it. Your goals for 2007 should be something you really desire to change or achieve. Then you will be more likely to succeed.  Take care and spread smile! 🙂