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Searching For A ‘Good Person’?

Good Person (www.writosophy.com)

“Everyone in the crowd was looking

for the so called “Good Person”.

The sad part of the story is,

None of them explored themselves

and struggled to become one!”.

This means that Everyone including us complain every time for not having a ‘Good Person’ in our life but none of us is ready to accept our faults, change and struggle to become ‘Good Person’ in other’s life!

I Wish To Become Myself!

I Wish To Become Myself (www.writosophy.com)

“Teacher asked 5th Grade Students,

“What do you want to become in future?”.

All replies were Engineer, Scientist, Doctor etc.

A little girl when asked replied,

“I wish to become Myself.”.

Everyone started laughing at the poor girl.

15 years later they finally realised She was right!”

This means that You must not run behind what everyone else is running for. You must always go for your passion no matter how small it may look.

‘Don’t Run For What Sounds You Best, Instead Run For What Suits You Best!’ 

Why Reading Books Is So Essential?

Hi everyone! Many of you might have enjoyed your vacations. Weddings, Travel, Treks, Movies, Games and many more things you might have enjoyed! I wonder if anyone of you have cultivated a new hobby like ‘Reading’? Yes! I’m talking about Books, Novels and Magazines which seem boring to you! There are many people who spend their entire day reading books of different genres. The most amazing fact is that, they don’t get bored with this and continue taking pleasure out of it!

Here are some reasons why you too should start loving books!


1.Improves General Knowledge 

You will find out many interesting facts about every topic possible like Animals, Humans, Birds, Environment, Life Hacks, Geography, History, News, Science and Technology etc. Once you start reading such informative books, you will gradually improve your observation and intelligence.

2.Teaches Morals of Life

Pick book of any genre you wish, it will definitely teach you something. You will find that every book has many necessary lessons which you must learn. You just have to read a book in order to learn ethics and morality. Reading Spiritual books is highly recommended!

3.Sharpens Your Imagination

Books not only entertain you but also sharpen your imagination. You will become restless once the book catches your heart. You will try to guess the ending of the book and in turn, you will end up with many new ideas which you can put in your Novel/Play etc.

4.Stays By Your Side Forever

Everyone except your Parents can leave you but not Books! Once you become a Reader, you will keep reading till the end. You will find yourself reading some or the other thing everyday! Books won’t leave your side. Just give them a try!

 5.Helps You in Writing

If you ought to be a Writer then Reading is MUST! Every Writer is a Reader first! It is because reading gives shape to your Writing. The more you read, the more you write! And this is how it works. Reading not only increases your Vocabulary but also fills you with Innovative Ideas.

 6.Motivates You during Hard Times

No matter how bad time it is, Books always have something to tell. They will motivate you, lift you and fill you with spirit and positivity  to achieve your Goals. Reading is the start of ‘Hope’ and you will notice this once you give a chance!

7.Costs Less But Helps More

Books don’t cost much; they are found everywhere at reasonable prices. But what they give you is more than you think. They become your ‘Best Friends’ and help you in every problem.

8.Asks for Nothing in Return

You get plenty of information for your projects, life hacks and messages to lead a positive life from books. Now what should you give in return? Nothing! Simply continue to read and improve yourself, this is why books came in this World!

9.Improves Vocabulary

Good Vocabulary is needed in many important aspects of Life like Interviews, Writing a Novel, Business Communication etc. Cheapest way to improve one’s vocabulary is by reading plenty of books.

10.Changes You Completely

Books will change you completely! You won’t be the same person anymore. You will be filled with Confidence, Inspiration, Patience, Hope etc. You will end up being a good human being for sure!

Finally now when you are aware of so many advantages of reading books, why don’t you just grab a book and start reading it?

It’s All About The ‘Karma’!

Karma (www.writosophy.com)

The Quote says,

“She kept collecting weapons for Revenge,

She was utterly dying for;

And one fine day, her Wisdom chose,

The most powerful weapon among all..


This means that No matter how badly people treat you, you don’t need to worry about the Revenge. Simply live your Life in peace and Let the Karma play it’s role!

Beware! This Is The World Where We Live!

Beware! This Is The World Where We Live! (www.writosophy.com)

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The Quote says,

“Be Kind To People For 99 Times,

And They Will Abandon You.

Pretend To Be Rude For 100th Time;

And They Will Believe It!!

Beware! This Is The World Where We Live!”

This means that Sometimes People remain blind to the efforts we take for them. They never appreciate us. If we  just make one mistake, they notice it for sure!

When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”

Hi Friends! Remember last time we had discussion on topic ‘Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask!’. For today our topic is ‘When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”‘.  This happens with everyone. You give your 100% and end up with the statement, “What did you do for Me?”(Yes, It hurts!). And guess what happens next? We keep blaming ourselves in spite of being honest! Stop it guys! It’s totally alright. After you waste your time & efforts on deceitful people, You don’t leave bare handed, instead you learn a ‘New Lesson’ & that lesson says, “Don’t repeat your Mistake!”

It’s not compulsory that they will give you back what you gave them! Always remember ‘If You Do It With Your Whole Heart And Still Get Offended, It’s Not Your Fault Anymore, It’s Theirs!’.  All you have to do is ‘Move On’ and never look back. Yes, I accept the fact that Moving On isn’t easy, but did you ever think If you can waste your efforts on people who don’t deserve you, then how much efforts can you take to see the ‘New Better You’? Personally what I believe is ‘Your Life Is A Story For Others, Make Sure It’s Quite Inspiring!’ .  Yes you were alone and unfortunately no one took your side! This is because ‘Buddy You are enough Strong to handle this Crap!’. You don’t have to prove yourself if you didn’t fake even 0.001%!

Never blame yourself for trusting untruthful people. It wasn’t a mistake at all. You did good for people who don’t deserve you & this is nothing but your Kindness! This is Kindness because you did with your ‘Heart’  and not with ‘Mind’! Note down your Mistakes(Every time a Relation fails, both sides are responsible!) & never repeat them. While moving on, everyday would be ‘Struggle’ but once you have moved on, you will meet the ‘New You’ & believe Me, you will Love yourself!

So next time when someone asks you, “What you have done for Me?”, Smile & reply, “What I could have done for Myself instead!” I hope you move on soon & stay blessed! 😉

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‘When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”‘


Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask!

Hi Friends! Last time I discussed an article ‘That One Minute Of Silence Which Makes You To Meet The ‘Real You’!’ For today I have come with a fresh topic, and this actually needs your attention! So our new topic is “Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask!”.

Everyday we are so busy living our Life, thus what happens is, ‘What We See Is What We Believe’! So when We meet a new person, We pay attention to ‘First Impression’! If a person seems polite, good-looking or caring to Us, we easily get attracted. Exactly, if the person seems rude,awful or blunt to Us, we just ignore! But not every time, First Impression is the Last Impression. What I believe is ‘Last Impression Is The Last Impression’!

 It’s not compulsory how we see others is actually what they are! It can be a ‘Mirage’ too! Just because someone seems Evil today doesn’t mean they were born Evil! We must understand the fact that ‘Behind Every Egotist Lies An Unspoken Story’! We are unaware of Everyone’s story, hence, We have no right to judge them. The World Has Equal Number Of The Saints And The Criminals; This Is Because Every Person Is A ‘Half Angel’ & A ‘Half Devil’ Inside’.

Every person you think is evil is not born evil for sure! They too were kind at some point of their Life & Life happened! Maybe their Kindness had to pay a big price which in turn made them what they are today! The scenario today is that One Faithful person gets betrayed & somehow loses his trust over Loyalty. When he meets a new person, in fear of betrayal, he wears the mask of ‘Villain” & the other person gets betrayed. This chain continues and everyone becomes the prey of that Mask! When it comes to Us, We don’t take a minute to judge the other person; We simply put the tag of ‘EVIL’ and move ahead! This is how the Devil inside us wins & the mask hides the Angel!

So next time when you meet a rude person, remove the Mask and think twice before judging him! Have a good day!

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Exactly Being A Half Angel & A Half Devil!

Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask! (www.writosophy.com)

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The Quote says,

“The World Has Equal Number Of The Saints And The Criminals;

This Is Because Every Person Is

A ‘Half Angel’ & A ‘Half Devil” Inside.

Before You Judge Someone,

Kindly Remove The Mask!”

This means that  We must understand the fact that every Evil person too has a Kind Heart and at the same time, every Kind person has a wicked side too. We have no right to judge both of them!


You Simply Have To Lift Yourself A Little Everyday..

Lift Yourself A Littile Everyday (www.writosophy.com)

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The Quote Says,

“No Matter How Good Person Are You,

Some People Will Never Stop Complaining;

Exactly, No Matter How Bad Person Are You,

Some People Will Look At The Brighter Side!!

Like Everything, Life Isn’t Perfect,

You Simply Have To Lift Yourself A Little Everyday..”

This means that No matter what work you do, some people will look at you with other vision. They may or may not feel you are doing great work. You have to focus on Yourself  & simply have to carry on & lift yourself everyday.

That One Minute Of Silence Which Makes You To Meet The ‘Real You’!

Hello Friends! It’s been a long time since I’ve published My previous post Life Isn’t That Complicated If.. Here is the small article on the topic “That One Minute Of Silence Which Makes You To Meet The ‘Real You’!”. I’m going to write few lines below. Try to relate it with you!



“Imagine you are waiting for your train to arrive on the platform. Suddenly you come across the announcement that a fast express is going to pass by the platform. Instead of moving away & standing on the safe distance from the track, you move closer to it. After sometime, you hear the horn of fast express. While express races against the time, the dust showers over the platform & your vision goes blur…..and…STOP! You enter an anonymous world! Time stops & all you can listen is your inner voice, All you can see is the ‘Map of your Life’, and all you can feel are your Desires! For a while, everything stops & you meet the ‘Real You’! Soon you regain consciousness & continue living your Life. The express has already made it’s way too far & you are filled with Determination again!


Did you feel it? Were you lost somewhere while reading the above paragraph? Yes! you got that awesome feeling and that Feeling reminds all of us to work for Our Dreams.It’s that one minute of Silence which, completely changes you, which makes you meet the ‘Real You’..! You are been called here for a purpose & No one can replace you at any cost. Believe in Yourself & always continue your good work. You will fall many times, & all you have to do is ‘Rise Up’ every time you fall. Just trust your Dreams & never stop! Work little-little everyday till you achieve Large; till The Life of your Dreams becomes your ‘Real Life’! Create your Dream Life & be the ‘Real You’! Because, it’s all about ‘You’! Good Luck & Stay Blessed!

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Life Isn’t That Complicated If..

Life Isn't That Complicared If.. (www.writosophy.com)

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The Quote says,

“Life Isn’t That Complicated If You Focus Only On Your Goals Instead Of Paying Attention To Other’s Opinion About You”.

This means that carry on your hard work even if people dislike it. Dogs keep on barking, you just have to ignore them while walking!

10 Things You Must Do When You Are In Relationship!

If you haven’t done these 10 things yet then your Relationship is Incomplete!

  1. Greet them everyday with simple texts like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Night’!

That feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and read the text of your beloved partner no doubt makes your day, isn’t it?


2. Share even the smallest things without forgetting!

Those relationships work out well where both partners share everything. Things cannot be hidden for more time. So it’s always wiser to open up everything!


3. Support them through all their Struggles & Downs!

Never forget All their pain, struggle, challenges are yours. Never let them go through their Downs alone. Support them in all circumstances.


4. Keeping Promise makes you Wiser!

The one who can break promises can also easily break ‘Hearts’. Every time you break a promise takes you closer to the End. If you continue to break promises, your partner will soon lose faith in you!


5. Be like ‘Dog’, Stay ‘Loyal’!

Never forget how your partner loves you unconditionally, trusts you to infinity! A perfect relationship is where both partners give their 100% no matter what happens! Only an idiot will think of betraying them!

6. Just like you, their Friends too love them 100%!

Never make a situation where they will have to choose between their Friends and You. Let them equally manage between their Friends and You!


7. Let them be what they are!

Set your partner free from all commitments, rules and compromises. Let them be what they are. Let them be Original.


8. Family is Everything!

Let them give space to their Family too. You should never underestimate their love for their Family. Always remember Family stays Forever, Rest all is Temporary!


9.  Gift them that one special bouquet they deserve!

Always give them your Time, Trust and Love. Every time when they need you, be with them. They deserve to spend their rest of Life with you!


10. Add some Surprises to your Recipe!

Give them surprises on casual days  to express your Love. Anniversaries and Birthdays are always special but a sweet and small surprise on a random day is something they won’t even think of!

(Image Credits: stokpic.com)

Loyalty Is Too Much Expensive!!!


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The Quote says’

“Isn’t Loyalty Too Much Expensive? Maybe This Is The Reason Rich Hearted People Stay LOYAL”

This means that it really takes a big heart to stay loyal to someone. Betrayal is cheap, but you have to pay a big price for Loyalty!

All This World Needs Is A ‘WRITER’..

All It Needs Is A 'Writer'.. (www.writosophy.com)

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The Quote says,

“This World Has Got So Many Secrets & Stories, Now All It Needs Is A ‘Writer’ Who Will Reveal & Write Them Down..”.

This Quote is especially made for Writers. This means that only Writers can bring Revolution with their powerful Writing in this World. Writing can change anyone’s perspective!