When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”

Hi Friends! Remember last time we had discussion on topic ‘Before You Judge Someone, Kindly Remove The Mask!’. For today our topic is ‘When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”‘.  This happens with everyone. You give your 100% and end up with the statement, “What did you do for Me?”(Yes, It hurts!). And guess what happens next? We keep blaming ourselves in spite of being honest! Stop it guys! It’s totally alright. After you waste your time & efforts on deceitful people, You don’t leave bare handed, instead you learn a ‘New Lesson’ & that lesson says, “Don’t repeat your Mistake!”

It’s not compulsory that they will give you back what you gave them! Always remember ‘If You Do It With Your Whole Heart And Still Get Offended, It’s Not Your Fault Anymore, It’s Theirs!’.  All you have to do is ‘Move On’ and never look back. Yes, I accept the fact that Moving On isn’t easy, but did you ever think If you can waste your efforts on people who don’t deserve you, then how much efforts can you take to see the ‘New Better You’? Personally what I believe is ‘Your Life Is A Story For Others, Make Sure It’s Quite Inspiring!’ .  Yes you were alone and unfortunately no one took your side! This is because ‘Buddy You are enough Strong to handle this Crap!’. You don’t have to prove yourself if you didn’t fake even 0.001%!

Never blame yourself for trusting untruthful people. It wasn’t a mistake at all. You did good for people who don’t deserve you & this is nothing but your Kindness! This is Kindness because you did with your ‘Heart’  and not with ‘Mind’! Note down your Mistakes(Every time a Relation fails, both sides are responsible!) & never repeat them. While moving on, everyday would be ‘Struggle’ but once you have moved on, you will meet the ‘New You’ & believe Me, you will Love yourself!

So next time when someone asks you, “What you have done for Me?”, Smile & reply, “What I could have done for Myself instead!” I hope you move on soon & stay blessed! 😉

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‘When Someone Asks You “What You Have Done For Me?”‘


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